i know better

1940 wedding ring by you.

see? this is what happens when i allow myself inside an antique shop.  quilt shops and antique shops are my downfall, and it’s a fact that i’m well aware of, but for some reason i thought this time would be different.  this time, i wouldn’t let my self-control hit the road and i’d walk out of there totally in control.

i was a simple task: i needed bowls.  nice, heavy, colorful bowls.  do you know how hard it is to find those these days?  i’ve been searching for well over a year and the closest i’ve come to finding what i wanted was a couple of flimsy pottery ones, not to mention some nasty plastic versions.  i got to thinking, they just don’t make bowls like they use to, like in my grandma’s days.  that’s what i get for thinking.

upon arrival, i gave myself a stern talking to and walked in.  within 3 minutes i had talked myself out of buying at least half a dozen pieces of furniture that were to die for.  five more minutes and i knew that i best find myself some bowls quick like and get my hiney out of there.  not too long after that, i found exactly what i was looking for, and it was a whole set.  i grabbed them and looked up to find the girls and tell them that we were outta there.  and that’s when i saw it.  all folded up, nice and neat and innocent looking…and on a church pew at that.

1940's drunkard path/wedding ring layout by you.

i convinced myself on the short walk over that i would be okay.  afterall, the 40’s wasn’t really my ‘era’ so, hey, everything is cool.  temptation setting on a church pew.  shameful.

once i unfolded it, i was gone.  it’s in fabulous shape with no tears or fabrics thinning.  but still, i held strong. it wasn’t until i saw that it was all done by hand  that i lost my sense of composure and plunged off the edge i was clinging to.  all while sitting on that blasted church pew.  yep.  it was going home with me. 

happy mom's day by you.

so, antique shop-1, me-0.  i haven’t been back, but hey, i got me some really beautiful bowls!


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