country kitchen fixins’

country kitchen fixins by you.

it all  started out as a defiant fist shaken at the cold and dreary days of february.  i needed bright, spring and summer like colors in my white and gray world and this pattern, along with a pile of fabrics from my stash, was just what i needed to pull me through that last month of blah.  it got pushed aside for awhile, but it never worked itself off of my cutting table.  finally, during a wet and dreary stretch in may, i sat myself down and finished it off.

this project was also a challenge to myself in a way.  for the past few years i’ve had a really hard time with published patterns.  somewhere along the line i came to feel stifled by them in a way. for years i would follow them to the exact dot, but out of the blue, i shyed away from them.  it’s been strange, exciting in a way, but yet i’ve felt restricted as well.  it’s really hard to put it all into words.  there are published patterns out there that i find appealing, but because they are published, i lose all interest.  however, let me come across an old antique quilt that i have to sit down and draw out the pattern myself, and the excitement builds.  this is a pattern that i’ve always liked (by kim diehl), i had fabrics that i thought would work wonderfully, so i just did it.  still, in looking at it now, it doesn’t bring as strong of a connection as some of my other quilts that i’ve brainstormed my way through.

country kitchen fixins by you.

regardless, it’s done, and that fact makes me very happy!  i have decided that it is ideal for on my porch, to add color and comfort.  at first i wasn’t sure if i’d be able to put one of my quilts out in the elements like that (even though it would get very little of sun and/or rain and is brought in at evening), but now, it looks so at home and i love it.  it reminds me of an old fashioned country kitchen, always busy and full of homemade goods….like dough-nuts.  and pies, of course.

speaking of summer, even though it’s a couple weeks away yet according to the calendar, the weather is saying otherwise.  it has been absolutely gorgeous here with temps well into the 90’s.  yes, it is the ideal weather to this girl and i am loving it!  as if it couldn’t get any better, we saw our first fireflies last evening.  yes…these are the things that get me through those nasty and cold winters.  that, and my quilts, of course.


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