round 2

round 2 by you.

yes, i went back for more torture, but it wasn’t my idea.  my oldest daughter had seen something there the last time that she decided she just had to have.  i seriously considered sending her in to get what she needed by herself…but my curiosity got the best of me.

kept on walkin' by you.

this was my greeting as i walked through the door.  a sign?  possibly.  i left it untouched and quickly walked to another section.

grandma's glasses by you.

another reason why i love antique stores-you get to travel back in time and relive some good memories.  my grandma had at least two sets of these glasses and i remember her using them often for lemonade and iced tea.  had completely forgotten about them up until that point.  no…they didn’t come home with me though.  i was simply there to observe, admire, photograph and leave…empty-handed.

needs to be at my home by you.

do you know how hard it is, with that plan in mind, to see this scene?  oh my gosh, i need to get myself a compact car.  the empty bed of my truck is going to be the downfall of me!  i whimpered….and walked on.

*sigh* by you.

these were really hard to photograph as they were in a tall glass case, way past my eye level…but obviously my eyes have been trained to not miss something as important as this.  i love old wooden butter molds.  but still….i walked on, fully convinced that what i was experiencing was a horrible form of torture secretly used by many countries to break the poor, unsuspecting victims.  i knew that i needed to get out of there soon or i would become one of those poor, unsuspecting victims…a rather willing one.

i *need* those by you.

just as i was starting to think i was going to make it out the door without spending a dime, my eye caught these (maybe i should start wearing sunglasses inside these sort of places?).  i need those.  i had been looking for a nice, small sugar bowl for awhile but hadn’t found one that i liked.  after examining both (they were sold as a set), i resigned myself to the fact that they were coming home with me.  fine…i gathered them up and headed to the register to pay…which just happened to be clear across the store. 

recipe box! by you.

while twisting and turning through the maze of goods that were just screaming out to me….this little guy screamed the loudest.  i had already been through that section and totally missed it…but it stopped me in my tracks the second time through.  my recipe box!  i caved as soon as i saw it.  it was exactly what i was looking for and as soon as i picked it up and opened it up, my mind started drifting to who owned it before, what they stored in it, what their life was like.  i swear, the smell of “old” (you folks that like these sort of things know what i’m talking about!) just knocks any sort of reasoning out of my head.  i grabbed it, and ran to the counter with my money in hand. 

so, i didn’t walk out empty-handed (the plan).  however, i didn’t walk out of there with the absurd amount of things that i wanted to.  plus, my oldest daughter spent way more than i did.  okay….so we’ll just call it a tie and move on.  no rematch is being planned….i don’t think i can handle another one for a good long while.


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