new beginnings

flowers for the graduate by you.

a couple weekends ago we had a surprise graduation party for my oldest daughter.  i had started planning it several weeks beforehand and, with the amount of people that we were inviting, it was so hard to keep it quiet.  really….i’m *highly* underrated, and i think i proved that when i was able to completely pull off inviting over 30 people, receive their r.s.v.p.’s and make all the food…without her having any idea what-so-ever.  yep…i’m good.

first day of school by you.

first day of school

i always thought this milestone would leave me a babbling, weepy mess.  instead, i am so incredibly proud of what she has accomplished thus far in her life as well as what she has taught me.  it wasn’t always an easy journey, but the rewards have exceeded all of my expectations.  she’s a good kid and she makes me so proud.

she hasn’t completely made up her mind on what she wants to be ‘when she grows up’, so i think she’s decided that she’s going to take the advice given to her at her graduation celebration by various folks:  lay around and let your parents support you as long as you can get away with it. 



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