oh my lucy stars

lucy's stars by you.

well over 2 years ago, i saw a quilt that the talented lucy designed, made and ended up teaching at her local quilt shop.  ah, be still my heart. i knew that it was one that i had to make for my very own.  after emailing with her about it, i came to learn that it was a pattern that her and bonnie designed together.  lucy was kind enough to take a day and walk me through the steps via email (even though it was quite late for her in the netherlands).  she was so very helpful and is a wonderful teacher. it was the beginning of a wonderful friendship as well as a really cool quilt.

stars-close-up by you.

i started off on fire with this quilt…only to hit “the wall” rather quickly.  it wasn’t because i was having problems with the design, but because i needed to decide on a background fabric.  a trip to lancaster that fall solved that problem and i ended up buying 8 yards (with a little “help” from my friends  thanks, g!).  overkill, maybe…but i wanted to make sure that i had enough.  i had big plans on working on it that fall so that i could have it hand-quilted and ready for on my bed to enjoy as soon as possible.  i say that every time, don’t i?  i did get some of the sub-units done rather quickly but hadn’t even taken but a cut or two into my background fabric to start on those units.  and then, somewhere along the line, life jumped in and i got side-tracked.

lucy's stars by you.

last december i pulled it all back out with full intentions on getting it all put together over my christmas break.  however,  i ended up wasting 3 of those days pulling our submersible pump with my husband to replace the dead one along with all new wire.  see….life. blah!  once i was able to sit down and look over what i had though, i realized that, while breaking one of my hard-fast rules (never cut into fabric that is for another project), i didn’t have enough of my background fabric left to make a queen sized quilt.  disgusted and mad at myself, i put it all back on the shelf.  instead, “simply civil” came to be.

border by you.

once our school year was done this spring, i decided that this quilt was going to get done.  i searched around and found a background fabric that i loved even more  than my first choice.  once it arrived, i immediately started back into it.  the more it grew, the more i fell in love with it and by the middle of june, i had all of my stars made.  i decided that i wanted to do something a little bit different with the borders, but since i seemed to have found a strong dislike as of late of putting on borders (strange, but true), i drug my feet (3 weeks to put on 4 lousy borders!  pitiful.).  finally, yesterday, it got finished.

lucy's stars by you.

i must apologize for the pics though.  this summer has been nothing but rain and cloudy skies.  add in an eye that is doing some strange things, everything is cloudy and bleary to me at this point.  laziness would be the reason why it’s not ironed too. *sigh*  beyond all of that, this quilt is one of my all time favorites and i can’t wait to settle in this fall and start hand-quilting it.

p.s. don’t forget to check out lucy’s purple stars as well as bonnie’s version in green


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