leftover nines by you.

this summer has been…different.  not bad, definitely not boring…but just different.  i’ve been diligently working on finishing up those ufo’s lingering about, but started to feel the need to work on something that was different (i’m sensing a theme here).  nothing big or long and drawn out….just different.  so when i came across these little nine patches leftover from country kitchen fixin’s, my brain started working through some different ideas.  come saturday, i finally had myself a plan and made it a point to sit down and bring it to life.

falling nines by you.

as usual, plans change.  i had one idea on what fabrics i was going to use, and ended up with something quite different.  my plentiful (eh hmm) stash allowed me the luxury of changing my mind…which is a good thing, i might add.  after a couple  hours of play, i had myself a fall table topper ready for some hand-quilting.  i guess the colors don’t exactly scream “fall”, but the little thing brings a smile to my face, and that makes it all worthwhile.


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