yeah.  that pretty much describes this summer for me.  distracted. time will tell if it’s been profitable, at least to the extent that i’m hoping for. 

so, quilting.  yes…that’s what needs to be talked about now.  it’s been few and far between this summer, and with classes starting up for us next week (so hard to believe).  it’s ‘crunch’ time.  i need to close this summer break of mine with a good solid finish.  a finish that i’ve been looking forward to for a really long time. 

grandma's dresden plates by you.

this quilt has been on my summer break list for years.  to finally get it all put together into a top has meant so much to me.  it wasn’t easy though.  there were several plates that needed to be appliqued onto a background square.  when the seam allowance is nowheres near a quarter inch nor consistent, well, it makes for some major fudging to get them to lay flat.  but lay flat they do.

close-up by you.

it goes without saying that this quilt will be hand-quilted.  infact, i’ve had several people threaten bodily harm if i don’t hand quilt it. 

it’s been a long time coming-14 years to be exact, but who’s counting?  my husband seems to think that it may win the award for oldest ufo.  i told him that he’s highly underestimating the quilting community.  heck, this ufo is still wet behind the ears compared to some, i’m sure.

another one of my projects on the “summer break” list was to hand knit some dishclothes.

1 lousy dishcloth by you.

that’s it, folks.  one lousy dishcloth.  however, it’s more than i’ve gotten done in years past!

the last thing on my list was to get those recipes written out.  that didn’t really happen…

recipe box! by you.

but i did get this nifty antique recipe box to hold them all in when i do get around to it!  hey, i’ll take what i can get at this point.

all in all, with the direction that summer took, i’m pretty proud of myself for accomplishing anything.  three quilt tops done in three months and a knitted dishcloth.  that’s got to be some sort of record for me.


there.  now i feel better.


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