stuck in my head

pnqe-2007 by you.

remember this quilt?  i can’t seem to get it out of my head lately.  there are a whole lot of other things that i should be pondering on, but instead, this happy, colorful, vibrant quilt is there.  just snuck in outta the blue. *wham* 

it surprises me because this quilt is far from my ‘norm’.  i remember when i saw it last fall, it instantly brought a smile to my face.  nothing in my stash even remotely resembles the fabrics in this quilt and yet, i feel the need to play with those bright colors.

in a way, it takes  me back to a happy time in  my childhood.  i was first introduced to paper dolls at my grandmother’s knee.  at the time, i thought they were silly.  really, who would want to play with paper dolls?  i guess i’ve come to appreciate their playful innocence with age. 

i want one.  does anyone know if this is a pattern?  i know that i can come up with my own if i’d mess around in eq, but i tend to lose time when doing that…and that’s not something that i can afford to do right now.  i have to show some sort of restraint, don’t i?

if you could leave me a link, i sure would appreciate it!


11 thoughts on “stuck in my head

  1. I remember that quilt! When you posted it, I saved a copy of the picture for my ideas/inspiration folder, because I think it’s fantastic. The first time I saw something similar was on this blog: and that version was much milder in terms of color. These little girls don’t have the hair options your picture has and this quilt has boys!

    Last February I went to the big quilt expo in Chicago. My time was limited and I was practically jogging through the ailes at the end of the day. Right at the very end of the day, I found a vendor that had a quilt with a very similar pattern on display. They were selling something completely different from patterns or fabric. Stencils maybe? It was quieting down and the vendor was standing around looking bored, so I asked her if she knew where I could get the pattern to the quilt she had on display. She told me that she has it, but it’s not for sale. What? Due to something with copyright issues, they have the foundation pattern and can’t sell it for profit. Instead they asked me to make a $5 donation that they would give to X charity.

    This is getting wordy. I –just– started sewing my little girls. Take a peek at my blog and drop me an e-mail. I scanned the pattern in and cleaned it up. If I can find it, I’ll e-mail it to you!


  2. I wrote a long comment last night, but it must have gotten lost in cyberspace. I have a similar pattern and can tell you about it. Send me an e-mail: kristingumdrop(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

    I’ve just started working on it and have pictures on my blog:

  3. HI Decaf.
    I have just read the whole of your blog from start to finish.
    Your quilts are lovely and I hope you find a pattern for the dolls quilt soon.
    Keep on quilting.
    I have done it the other way around to you and trained as a nurse at 18, and am now very part time whilst bringing up 2 daughters.
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog, life is very different where you live compared to England, it seems much more relaxed and not so frantic.

  4. Tracey a huge CONGRATULATIONS on your plans to follow your dreams! I am proud of you, and I know you can do it! Also *CONGRATS* to Brit on her graduation…pats on the backs at your house. Just today I saw a picture of a feed sack that had the paperdolls on it, now I know that is not what you are asking, but I thought how coincidental is it (?) that you asked for a pattern and then I see the picture from years ago! Take care and go for the career! Barb

  5. Tracey, that pattern was being sold at the Nashville AQS show last week. It was only $5 and the money went to benefit children of hurricane/flooding victims. They were out of the patterns when I tried to purchase one, but I have emailed the company to see if it can be ordered by mail. At this website: at the bottom of the page there is a video demonstrating Martelli tools, and you can see one version in the background. It’s paper-pieced and the one at the show wasn’t on point as this one seems to be. The girls’ skin tone was black but I thought about making my DGD a quilt using pink skin tones and scraps from all the dresses I’ve made for her since birth. I will get in touch with you when I get a response from Martelli.

    Also, Joyce made a similar quilt block. I think she made her own pattern but I’m not sure. You can see examples here:

  6. I don’t have info on the pattern, but it is an intriguing quilt. Very different from your usual beautiful work, but then, your life is changing, so maybe a different quilt is called for?

    Hope school is going well.

  7. this quilt is really striking, but i can’t help you for the pattern

    interested mxyself where you can get that

    oh yes, good luck for your new career

  8. Tracey, that quilt is ADORABLE! If you find out more info on the pattern, could you post it for us? I love all those happy fabrics!

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