whig rose/rose of sharon by you.

i wasn’t sure if i was going to pnqe this fall or not.  i went back and forth about it for quite awhile, but once the time was upon me, i knew that i would really kick myself if i opted out this year.  i’m so glad i went.

double scalloped wreaths by you.

this year there seemed to be a bit more of the more “modern” looking quilts, but what there was on the traditional side made up for it all.

eagles and pomegranates by you.

however, since “someone” forgot to adjust the white-balance on her camera, her pictures have a sickly glow to them.  that same “someone” doesn’t have time to run all of her pictures through photoshop, so we’ll have to use our imagination, ‘kay?  ‘kay.

hop on over to my flickr album and take a peek!