brain soothing

brain soothing by you.

the arrival of this little gem was a very welcome treat after the past couple of weeks i’ve had.  that love/hate relationship with technology?  yeah.  i’m at the hate stage at this point. 

gwen calls this a book for the “grown-up quilter”.  there are no patterns or how-to’s, just some fabulous photos of extraordinary quilts she made (most of which are hand-quilted).  i’m in love.

quilting time for me has been sparse.  okay…so that’s an understatement.  i need to change that, and very soon.  that “monster” needs some cotton fed to it, and i’m so ready for the creative side of my brain to come out and play.

you can see a sneak peek inside over at my photo-log.

get the book, folks.  it’s a keeper.