and she sewed!

...and she sewed! by you.

having gone almost 2 full months without bonding with my sewing  machine, it’s fair to say that i’ve missed it dearly.  i’ve come to realize that this is due, in part, to my type of personality.  when presented with a smidgen of time that could be used sewing, i instead sit down with a book and study more.  that’s all well and good, and definitely makes the grades look nice (all “a’s” in my classes thus far!), but it does nothing for my creative side.  come sunday afternoon, i knew that i could take it no longer.

thankfully, before classes even started, i had cut out the majority of pieces needed for a specific quilt.  so, when i walked into my the studio on sunday, all i had to do was plug in my machine (after dusting it off), and have at it.  within 30 minutes, i could feel the tension lessen, and after a couple of hours of non-stop sewing, my brain didn’t feel like mush any longer.  i felt human again!   aren’t we so blessed to have found this creative outlet called quilting?

that afternoon, i decided that i can’t let that amount of time lapse again.  even if it’s 15 minutes, i plan on sitting myself down, daily, and feed this monster i’ve created.  it’s really not pretty when it’s left unattended. 😉