a finish

a finish by you.

when i put together this little quilt last july, i truly thought it would be a quick project to handquilt.  here we are, over three months later, and i’m just finishing it.  hardly quick.  regardless, it is finished.

detail by you.

when my professors seemed to have gone on a weekend break and no new assignments were posted last friday, i took full advantage and dove into things that needed to get done, and then treated myself to some quilting time.  the porch got scrubbed down and furniture put away for the winter, potatoes dug up and stored, and i even was able to squeeze in some basting time, which i thoroughly enjoyed (quite the change from the norm).

basting by you.

now that  i finished up my little nine patch quilt, i can move onto lucy’s stars while listening to my daughter read.  at the rate i’m going, it may be in the works for several years (let’s hope not!).

all good things must come to an end, however.  monday morning brought with it a load of assignments.  amongst it all, i was dealing with a very sick little corgi.  she started throwing up on sunday morning, and by yesterday afternoon, it was obvious that she wasn’t getting better.  an emergency trip to the vet showed that she was dehydrated, so they advised us to leave her overnight so they could get some fluids into her via an iv.  they are to take some x-rays this morning to see if there is an obstruction.  if not, they can only assume that it’s a virus of some sorts.  in the mean time, we’re all missing the little girl very much.  my youngest daughter was fighting tears back last night at bedtime.  things definately are not the same without her herding everyone to bed.  she is my constant companion, so it feels like a part of me is missing.  i’m hoping that the x-rays come back okay and that we can bring her home later on today. 

my hard worker by you.


6 thoughts on “a finish

  1. Poor baby, I hate them being gone and I’m sure they are scared being away from home too. My cat hasn’t felt good all weekend but he’s better now. Hope you get him back right as rain.

    Love the little quilt and it can take a while especially with other projects going…I know I have one waiting for me too, to finish. I still love that quilt like Lucy’s and plan, one day, to make something similar!

    Thanks for the good thoughts for Sadie. She came home and was back to her normal, fluffy self within a couple of days. No idea what the problem was, but we’re just glad that she’s better.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Congrats on the finish. I am sorry to hear about your pal. Will keep her in my prayers. I love th blue on the Lucy quilt. The photo is taken at a neat angle. I bet you will have fun hand quilting that.

    Isn’t that blue GORGEOUS?! As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was THE ONE.
    The quilting is slow going thus far, but I plan on changing that in a couple of weeks! 😉
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ih ope your baby is all better. The quilts are beautiful.

    Thank you so much for your well wishes. Sadie was back home after a bit and is her normal, energetic self now.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thank you for responding to me on your “and she sewed” entry. Your quilts are beautiful; did you ever sew up the tiny log cabin blocks?

    Mary Loomis

    Hi Mary! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying “Hi” again! 🙂
    Yes, I did sew up my tiny log cabin blocks.It still needs to be quilted though. I have decided that I will handquilt it afterall…but I just haven’t worked up the nerve just quite yet (all of those seams *groan*!).

    You can see the completed quilt here: Tiny log cabin blocks.

  5. Oh dear, I do hope your pup is well on the mend now. We do worry about our furry one’s so.
    Enjoy your quilting time – easy to do on such a beautiful piece*s*

    Hi Libby! We do worry about them. Its so hard to see them sick and not being able to tell us what the problem is. Thankfully, all is well again here. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I hope your doggy is better! Any hope of you sharing the instructions for Lucy’s Star quilt? It is gorgeous!

    Thank you for the kind words on my star quilt; however, since I didn’t create the pattern, I don’t feel comfortable sharing it. Lucy was so generous in her offer, but it truly is her pattern.
    Thanks for stopping by!

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