the home quilt

there is a group of quilters that i’ve been conversing with for years now.  many of them i’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person.  we have a common bond:  we love quilts.  we share pictures of our various works in progress, talk about future projects, and encourage and pray for one another. 

in along the way, we’ve come up with a term to describe a project that we know will take us forever and a lifetime to finish, if we finish it at all.  it’s one of those projects that we have thought and pondered on, probably tried to talk ourselves out of, but still can’t imagine not giving it a try.  we term these quilts our “home” quilts….the quilts that you are starting now, but you know they will take you years to finish. 

 i don’t recall if i have ever officially declared a home quilt before.  maybe my jane stickle quilt was…but, even though it’s still not finished, i don’t consider it a home quilt.  one winter of hand-quilting and it would be done.  no, i’ve found a much more detailed quilt to work on (you’d swear i searched these things out).  it’s a quilt that i have admired for years but refused to let myself even consider making…until a year ago.

the home quilt by you.

about 10 months ago, i started collecting fat quarters and scraps of various reds and pinks.  i still wasn’t commited to making this quilt, so the theory was that these scraps could easily be worked into my stash if i chickened out.  finally, last september, i caved and bought the yardage required to make the quilt.  i brought it home and tucked it neatly into the container holding my pink and red scraps…and there it stayed.  i still had a chance to bail yet.  i hadn’t cut anything and the fabric could be used for something else.  yet, 3 months later, i’m finding that i’m more determined than ever to recreate the quilt.  and what a stunning quilt it is, made by an equally stunning woman.

you hear that?  i sure sound convinced, don’t i?  maybe i was in denial all of those years, thinking that i could just enjoy the original quilt from a distance and move on.  it would’ve been much easier that way, don’t you think?  the thing is, i’m just dying to cut into this fabric.  i cannot wait to start.  you know how it goes, the “high” that you get before you start in on a project.  i’ve got it, bad; however, i am completely aware that this project is going to take a really long time.  it is, without a doubt, my home quilt.  when i get to where i can’t live by myself any longer or decide that i want others to do the work for me and go to a retirement home, this quilt will be packaged up, still not finished, and taken with me.  my crooked old fingers and failing eyesight will make work difficult, but the determination to finish will urge me on.  then, when i finally finish, i can run through the halls of the old folks home with nothing but this quilt wrapped around me and loudly proclaim, “IT’S DONE!”.  at that point, i’ll probably be shipped off to the state mental institution in a straight jacket.  who cares…as long as the quilt can go to! 😉

what quilt is it that i’m looking to recreate?  any guesses?


11 thoughts on “the home quilt

  1. so happy to see you posting again!
    how is school?
    I have been wondering how your doing
    I know, I know the answer
    Lucy is making this quilt too!
    its a lady’s name…oh I have to go look it up!
    is it this one in Quilting traditions book? by
    Barbara Bucher Snyder

  2. The anticipation! This is my favourite colourway, I’m so curious. My friend and I call these special quilts “great works”. You never know, there may be some who want to do it along with you, wouldn’t that be encouraging?

  3. The only quilt pattern I think anyone would be crazy enough to even try after all this thinking it through would be a lone star. But I guess I can’t see it in reds and pinks. Will be anxious to see what you come up with!

  4. I don’t care what it is–I’ll love it and love your process. I too have a home quilt. It’s one year and counting on English Poppies, and I’m taking a break just now–I mean this very minute–from piecing the latest block. Bravo. You will enjoy this one.

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