the quilt

well, you girls had some interesting guesses.  and i’m amazed at how easily some of you are willing to jump off of this cliff with me!  talk about courage.  we’ll see how courageous you are in a couple of minutes. 😉

no, my “home” quilt is not the quilt made by barbara snyder, although i do plan on doing a couple of hers someday.  the nearly insane quilt is not the quilt i’m talking about, but i’m sure i’ll be close to insane when i’m done with this beauty.

so, what will these fabrics become…a long, long time from now?

the home quilt by you.

a really long, long time from now.  i’m talking decades, folks.

ohh...ahhh by you.

okay.  grab your needles!  you’re with me on this, right?

wait….where is everyone going? 

susan's masterpiece by you.

is this not an awesome, unbelievable work of art?  i adore susan mccord’s quilts.  if i lived back in the 1800’s, i’d want susan mccord to be my neighbor.  we could garden together, can together, quilt together.  generally, we would be BFF’s.   who do i want for my other neighbor?  why, someone like wyatt earp, naturally.  of course, he’d have to be cloned to look like sam elliott.

sam elliott by you.

oh.  dear.

so, there you have it.  i’m officially declaring my “home” quilt as a remake of susan mccord’s vine quilt.  i probably won’t get a chance to start on it until after the new year, but start on it i will.  i will not be strip piecing it as fons & porter suggest.  nope.  i’m doin’ it the old-fashioned way, just like susan did it.  anyone brave enough to walk down the road with me?  we could start our own “dear susan” group-just think of the possibilities! 😉


15 thoughts on “the quilt

  1. I own and love that book. I really wanted to start the I totally agree with you on Sam Elliot. In November I went and watched a bunch of his cowboy type movies all in a row from Netflix. As for the quilt I think you have chosen some lovely fabrics. As for her quilts I have been buying fabric for a few years to make The Floral and the Harrison Rose Urn quilts. But now that you are asking for volunteers I am in. I go next Monday to the hospital and am having a pic line put in to be treated again. I will have daily treatments. So what better way to pass the time during a treatment then to quilt. Count me in. Thank you for the challenge. I did restart my blog again so I will follow along with you! Thank you Meredith 🙂

  2. Oh Tracey
    I have wanted to make this quilt forever and YES I would live on the other side of Susan McCord I have loved her quitls and wanted to reproduce some of them forever!
    hmmmm wonder if I could do this…
    let me think about it…
    ok, I am in…
    I will do it too
    now what colors besides so many pinks do you think we need! Let me get out my book
    oh I can do this 😉

  3. I’ll pass on the quilt challenge. I love quilts with a lot of pieces, but this is out of my league. But let me know if Sam Elliot moves in next door. I’d like to help him unpack…..

  4. Oh, my — that is stunning! And tempting. What book is that?

    And yes, Sam Elliot living next door would be a wonderful treat!

  5. I’ve tried to post, it’s not working so if this one goes through, I just wanted to say, I feel your excitement over this project. I’ve had the book for a couple of years and have thought the very same things…on and off.

  6. I am in awe that you will attempt this quilt. Wow! I know I would be totally insane by the time that quilt would ever be finished. I will watch you from the sidelines and cheer you on! Go, go, go! It will be stunning when it is finished.

  7. Oh my my my!!! I can so see you working on that quilt. It looks very “you.” It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to call it a finish…it will be well-worth the journey!

    Hugs to you, sweet Tracey!

  8. Thank you for this choice. The vine quilt is so beautiful–I’m a string piecer and I’ve loved this quit for years. It’s great to find so many other fans of Susan McCord’s work. When she string pieced those leaves (and the buds on some of her other quilts), I’m convinced she did so because she liked to do it, not because she had no other fabrics to use. After all, she did it over and over. The book’s plan did result in an ugly reproduction didn’t it? It would have been no harder to make a much prettier and more authentic version of the original quilt. You’ve aroused a powerful longing in me to at least make some of these leaves…
    Merry Christmas to all,
    Nancy Ray

  9. ok, all weekend I have been haunted by this quilt so had to go back and read and see your pictures again…yes ok, I admit it I am pulling fabric for this will send you a picture!
    now I just reread this and your not going to strip piece this
    oh no…not sure I can go that far, ok need to go have another cup of coffee and think about this again….and yes will see if I can find the kerosene lamp or are we stitching by candle lite and the fireplace?

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