christmas glow

front door by you.

this morning, i did not want to get out of bed.  the sound of pouring rain and cold wind made me want to snuggle deeper into the flannel and just hibernate.  eventually, guilt won out and i pulled myself away from my warm nest.  once downstairs, i made my way around the house, plugging in all of the christmas lights, still half asleep.  as in every other weekday morning, i immediately went and got my sweats on, dreading the idea of climbing on the treadmill.  just as i was getting ready to head down the steps, i stopped and gazed around, as if awaking from a dream. 

staircase by you.

i found my way into the living room and plopped myself down.  it’s been a long week and i’m tired.  not a grumpy tired, just tired.  i think the past several months are finally catching up to me.  but, as i sat and took in the scene before me, i felt my body relax.  i love sitting in my house with just the christmas lights on.  unfortunately, i haven’t had a chance to do that much this season  between the baking and wrapping and numerous dinners and gatherings. 

tree filling up by you.

life has a tendency to try and take over;  i needed that 10 minutes to remind myself  of that.  that short period of time was necessary for me to stop, take a deep breath, and remind myself to slow down.  take it all in, or these moments will get lost and memories will be foggy. 

there.  that’s better. 🙂

don’t forget to stop once in awhile and drink in the moments that threaten to get lost.

i wish you all a wonderful christmas!


4 thoughts on “christmas glow

  1. Enjoy Christmas. DH and I both have been sick this week I do hope it leaves in time for us to enjoy it also. I am looking forward to some time to quilt!

  2. That quiet time in the morning can be the most refreshing time of the day. Hubby has been leaving for work extra early and he leaves the trees all lit for when I get up. Starts the day with smile every time *s*

  3. And I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, too! Enjoy your time off from school; you’ll go back refreshed and ready to roll.


  4. I absolutely love that part of the day…yet like you, I don’t often take the opportunity to truly drink it all in….

    Wishing you and yours the Merriest of Christmases, Tracey! Enjoy!

    Hugs to you!

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