last gift wrapped by you.

i wrapped the last present on monday.  so glad that job is done!  over the weekend, we delivered the majority of gifts and cookies to their intended in amongst much merry-making with friends and family.

stockings hung by you.

last night, i finally remembered to hang the stockings…on the banister…with care.  they bring back so many memories (the stockings, not the banister).

after a thorough cleaning of the sewing room, i called it a day week.

relaxing by you.

the rest of the time has been spent watching christmas movies.  more of the same is planned for today. nice.

every year, the girls and i seem to get one christmas song stuck in our head, and we sing it, relentlessly, throughout the season.  my 17 year old has “discovered” elvis this past year, so is it any wonder that the song this year is “blue christmas”?   we have it nailed.  our back-up wailings put those girls to shame. 😉



 merry christmas everyone!


2 thoughts on “ready!

  1. Black Leather Elvis is the BEST! I’ll be right there with you this afternoon in my comfy clothes, watching our favorite Christmas movies and getting in just a few more stitches. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. As someone whose husband is a certified Elvis superfan FREAK…I’ve seen and heard this one often…and many more!

    Have a good time spent with your family. We’ll be doing the same thing and winding down with some more Christmas favorites…gotta watch “A Christmas Story” just once more!

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