the morning after

here we are, the morning after, and i’m still reliving the sweet memories that were made during the past week.  christmas was so very, very good this year.  much time was spent with friends and family, all without a single argument.  that is saying something, especially when you are related to  those that seem to relish that sort of thing.  it was all good, and for that, i am so thankful.  i hope each of yours was the same.

here is a quick recap of the past couple of days:

santa's letter by you.

a letter to santa, complete with cookies and milk.

sadie helping by you.

one very helpful corgi, helping my oldest daughter open up her christmas gifts.

vintage christmas by you.

a nine year old little girl that was extremely thrilled with the vintage typewriter she received.

today, it’s ‘stay in your jammies’ day (officially declared by me).  i plan on lingering a bit longer with my thoughts this morning while everyone is still in bed, and then some serious sewing is going to happen.

and now, we *sew* by you.

let’s see if i can’t have this quilt (one that i’ve wanted to make for quite some time) all put together and ready for some handquilting come january 1.  if not, i plan on having a whole lot of fun trying!   you know where to find me.


3 thoughts on “the morning after

  1. The true meaning of Christmas always seems to find its way into our hearts, doesn’t it!

    Love that Sadie is feeling like herself once again!

    Oh my…do you remember “typing class” with those kinds of typewriters?!? I do!!! Our little school had lots of the vintage models…and only 2 electric ones while I was taking typing class! Fun memories!

    Enjoy your “you” time, Tracey! I think I may find a bit of it for myself as well. Hugs from me to you!

  2. I am so glad to hear your Christmas went well. I do hope that we both get to some sewing. I did get the backing fabric for our project yesterday. Some other reds/pinks for leaves also.

  3. We just had a great conversation about real typewriters the other day. I maintain that the best class I ever took in school was typing – typing, not keyboarding. There is just something about it – a vintage feel . . . kinda like me *s*

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