end of the year ramblings

remember the last thing i said in my previous post?

let’s see if i can’t have this quilt (one that i’ve wanted to make for quite some time) all put together and ready for some handquilting come january 1.

who did i think i was kidding?  i didn’t even get to stay in my jammies that day.  my revolving door continued to revolve right up through sunday afternoon. between visitors dropping by, more celebrating and the ongoing plague of failing appliances, i’ll be thrilled if i get it done by the weekend.  what plague you ask?  oh, just sit yourself down and let me tell you about it.

in the past 1.5 years, we have had to replace more appliances than anyone.  ever.  i’m willing to lay money on that one.  just a brief, off the top of my head, rundown of the appliances that have given up the ghost around here:

furnace, central air conditioner, microwave, television, hairdryerS,water pump,iron,hand-mixerS, washer, dryer,sweeper,printer,water softener,water tank,circular saw.

crazy, i tell you.

the latest?  my treadmill.  over the weekend, i feel the need for a run.  i climb on, plug in my mp3 and have at it.  fifteen minutes into it all, i’m cruising along at about 6.5 m.p.h when suddenly, the treadmill decides it’s time to walk….realllly, realllllly slow.  how i didn’t go down, i don’t know, but it wasn’t pretty.  i really shouldn’t complain because i have had it for almost 7 years and bought it used.  i blew out the motor on it about 3.5 years ago.  at the time, we were replacing windows in the house as well as buying a new pump for the pool, so we opted to save some money and just buy a new motor and replace it.  then the belt started slipping.  then the console died.  i can deal with all of that, but when it decides to vary the speed on me, unannounced?  yeah, i draw the line there.

i promptly shut it down and starting browsing online for treadmills.  can i ask a question here?  why so many bells and whistles on treadmills these days?  it’s absurd.  televisions, built in ipods, coaches, programmed workouts, fans, calculators.  how did i manage this long without them all, i don’t know. 

turns out, it’s a great time of year to be in the market for fitness equipment, because, you know, everyone is going to get in shape and lose weight and look like twiggy by summer.  add in the fact that the economy has tanked and retailers are looking to save their hides in any way possible, and you’ve got the makings of some wonderful deals.  i ended up finding a fabulous deal on a treadmill that met my two requirements:  a commercial motor and a lifetime warranty on motor.  once i was able to see it in person, i was even more impressed. 

new mill by you.

it makes my old mill look like it came from the dark ages.  there are more gadgets and dohickeys on this thing ….why?  i don’t need entertained while i run.  i don’t need to be coached while i run.  wait…i wonder if there is a liposuction feature on it?  that could come in handy…..

anywho…it’s suppose to be in today.  i am almost excited, except i realize how heavy these things are.  plus, before i go pick it up, i have to go and get the rest of my shots i need for nursing school:  whooping cough, second hepatitis and tetanus.  i hear the tetanus one really hurts (i don’t ever recall having had one).  i’m told that my arm will be really sore for a few days.  i have sewing to do here, folks.  priorities, ya know.

so, with that all said, i’ve decided to try a new approach to this whole new year’s resolutions things and list some things that i WON’T be doing in 2009:

1.  buying more appliances

2.  picking up a paint roller and/or brush

3.  remodeling.  anything.

yep.  that about covers it. 

have a happy one, folks!


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