i finish what i start.  that is just the type of personality the good Lord gave me.  it’s a statement, not a bragging point, because sometimes, being a finisher is not always that much fun.  i won’t even start something if i know that i won’t be able to finish it because all it will do is drive me crazy looking at it unfinished.

obviously, my quilting personality hasn’t received that memo yet.

it all started out so innocently (doesn’t it always?).  i was sorting through my stash closet (which, btw, looks nothing like what it did 2 years ago.  it’s overflowed those confines.) looking for any more red and pink scraps to be used in (yet) another project.   good.  night.   i’m starting to wonder if i don’t have a long lost child in the depths of that place. 

i found more unfinished projects than i care to share-some of which, i completely had forgotten about.

on a whim by you.

oh.  yeah.  now i remember.  i started these, on a whim, last summer.  i had been sick of brushing up on my algebra skills…so, what better thing to do then start a new project?  *sigh*  they went really fast, if i remember right.  all hand-pieced while sitting on my new porch.  new porch + new project = she’s lost her mind.

then there is this quilt:

unearthed by you.

the sight of it made me whimper.  oh, how i love this quilt.  i love every last thing about it…except that it’s not finished.  why isn’t it finished?  i don’t know.  and these are just two of several (many would probably be more accurate) unfinished projects lurking in the outer boundaries.

then there are the segregated piles of fabric that are for those “someday” projects:

more projects by you.

bought last year at pnqe.  i wasn’t even going to pick it up but the sample was just too darling, and then i came across that awesome orange in another booth, and besides, this project doesn’t scream “halloween” to me.  and here i am justifying my purchase! 😉

fabric by you.

this pile of fabrics should look familiar…at least to lucy they should.

would you believe that i haven’t bought a piece of fabric (other than what  was bought for me for christmas) since last september?  honestly.  what i have shown here is just the beginning folks…i have projects going that this here blog ain’t ever seen! 😛  let’s not talk about the number of tops i have laying around to be quilted (at least 5).  and yet i went and did this a couple of weeks ago:

waiting by you.

sorry…can’t feel guilty ’bout that one.

i’m sitting here with a smile on my face, while my conscious is yelling, “you wipe that smile right off your face, sister!” 😀

i’m surprised, yes.  i could sit down and write out a detailed list on what i will work on when and stick to it religiously.  i could, but i’m not.

what i will do is work hard on getting these projects finished up.  goodness knows i have enough of a variation here so there’s no worries about becoming bored.  i will work harder on not starting a new project, although there are a couple projects that are exempt from that statement (probably what gets me in more trouble-exemptions).

okay, now that i cleared the air and unloaded all of that offa my chest, i’m going down and start cutting the background out for another new project.

 obviously i’ve learned my lesson. 🙂


11 thoughts on “unearthed

  1. Well you have plenty to work on. Such lovely choices. Don’t pinch me but I finished every UFO in 2007 when I started my blog and I went no buy that year for fabric. Later I deleted my blog. Are either of the girls quilting? Not that you need an excuse but that one would be valid.

  2. Got a chuckle out of your blog today, and as always am in awe of your photography! I can just reach out and feel every one of those quilts, the pics are so clear and close up.

    I visit a lot of quilt blogs and you are my favorite photographer.
    Lovely work.

    : )

  3. I could have written this post and I use the same justifications, I’m not bored! You must have a great stash not to have bought any fabric for that long. You are going so well on your quilting, dare I ask when you plan to start on the Susan McCord 🙂

  4. Wow. I’m glad I’m not a finisher 😛 It’s kind of strange really…my mother has a lot of unfinished quilts that look like these 😉

  5. OH Tracey
    I just love the picture of the quilt in the hoop…it is beautiful.
    of course work on what you want to right now! you will finish those projects when their time has come! can’t wait to see the newest quilt you are starting…maybe SM????
    did you use all kona solids for the quilt????
    oh I feel a shopping spree coming on I just may need to make this one too…but first I have to hand quilt the other one I did from that magazine last year, right????
    Kathie off to find that magazine issue

  6. Eeek. *Nervous laughter* Why yes, stop by my blog anytime, but I’m now thinking about changing my “Open ID setting.” As soon as I got your e-mail I went straight to my blog to see if you had really wrote something like that. Thanx for the near heart attack 😛

  7. If only my UFO shelf could look so lovely . . . . I won’t bother to aspire to getting all my projects complete – only to have the unfinished ones be as delicious as yours *s*

  8. OHmyheavens!!! Your “Trip” looks even more lovely than before!!! Wow.

    Tracey dear…if any of those unfinished projects give you grief…just send them my way. I’ll stash them away so no one will ever hear from them! (I would…and I do.) 😉 You’re too cute!


  9. AH welcome to the fold! We all have those projects and love every one of them. I have too many in progress right now, and I also need to do some cleaning up and finishing this year.

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