getting ready

getting ready by you.

well, the time is almost upon us.   after i had posted about starting in on remaking susan’s quilt, several of you voiced a desire to join me.  that was 6 weeks ago.  many of you have come to your senses and decided to sit this one out or start at a later date…i can understand.  waiting to see how much torture i endure before you jump on board?  smart of you! 🙂  at this point, it’s just meredith and i wandering out into the great unknown, and we’re rearin’ to go (at least i am…how ’bout you, meredith?)!

wednesday i cut the background panels and yesterday i spent a bit of time making some bias stems.  i cut my panels a bit bigger to compensate for the applique and then made some guideline marks so i keep everything within the 5″.

there seems to be some discrepancy on the measurements of this quilt.   fons and porter do point out in their book that the measurements given may not be exact;  however, over at the university of michigan, they list the panels at 5″, the sashings at 1.25″ and the outer borders at 2″ (all finished size).  the problem with those measurements are that the finished size of the quilt wouldn’t work out to be the 72″ x 85″  they claim.  according to my figures, that would make the finished width  closer to 84″.  granted, the original quilt is very old, but would that account for a loss of 12″ in width?  in studying the pictures of susan’s quilt, i am guessing that 5″ (finished size) sounds about right, so that’s what i’m going with.  that doesn’t leave a lot of space to cram in a whole lot of leaves now does it?

so, i’m just about ready to start.  actually, i’m trying really hard to stick to my original plan of starting on the 20th, but the waiting is getting difficult.  will a few days really make a difference…

the goal by you.

…when this is waiting for me?


5 thoughts on “getting ready

  1. No doubt your version will be as stunning as the original. Remember . . . . I’m a fantastic cheerleader. I’ll be right here on the sidelines urging you on *s*

  2. oh no I see this and want to go pull out my pinks and find a green for the stems and get started too.
    my real problem is the fabric to use for the leaves
    can you post a picture of the fabrics you are going to combine to make the leaves?
    and how will you do that?
    I was thinking of little 12″ strips of different width fabrics sewn together and then cut out the leaves from those pieces as one piece alternating the leaves to look like that one piece gives many different leaves.
    Love that maroon /red black fabric in the background, whose is that?
    thank you 😉
    oh yes how I love this quilt and urge you don’t wait till next Tuesday

  3. I’m joining you on this, I’ve been wanting to make this quilt for ages, you’ve fired me up to get going. I am waiting for a green to arrive but have my other fabrics washed and ready to iron. There’s a flickr set from jeansophie showing some photos, they’re a little blurred but show colours. I don’t think I can paste here so if you google it, you should find it, it’s called quilting genius.
    Can’t wait, Janet

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