on tuesday, i started in on making some leaves for my home quilt.  for a few weeks, i had been thinking on different ways it could be done and still turn out looking appropriate (meaning, like susan’s 😉 ).  now, it was just time to get on with it.

magnifying glass-so helpful by you.

before i even started, i picked myself up a magnifying glass.  it gave my girls a good chuckle–sign of old age? 😉  regardless, it has been so very helpful in letting me see which leaves are pieced and include buds, and which ones are simply one piece of fabric.  highly recommended.

pieced leaf by you.

next, i grabbed my scissors (i’m guessing susan didn’t own a rotary cutter….) and cut out some small snippets from my fabric.  the specific leaf i was working on had 4 different fabrics and part of a bud.  i then sewed them together, liberal style, trimmed down the seam allowance and then pressed.

finished leaf by you.

finally, i grabbed the scissors again and cut out a leaf shape, freestyle.  that’s all there was to it.  very fast, painless and i’m liking the results.  i was able to make several of these in a very short period of time.

it seems that we have had a couple more takers for the susan challenge:  kathie and janet have climbed onboard as well.   i plan on only showing pictures every few weeks or so, depending on my progress.  i can hardly wait to see the progress those 3  girls make thought! 🙂


5 thoughts on “progress

  1. OOh and aah. This is looking yummy, really good job with the leaves. Have you pre-placed the vine and then tucking leaves in to fit? Wonky’s good!

  2. Wonky never looked so very striking!

    You know…I’ve seen this quilt in photos and articles numerous times…and never once did it occur to me that those leaves were pieced. You ARE good! Looking glass or not…this quilt is just meant to be for you.

    Enjoy the process, Miss Tracey!

    Hugs to you!!!

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