down, but not out

basketful of hope by you.

over 3 weeks ago, i woke up with a horrid stiff neck which eventually worked its way down to my shoulder.  obviously i had slept in a position that my neck/shoulder didn’t care for.  thinking that it would pass, i tried to make the best of things while babying it a bit.  didn’t work.

finally, last friday, i decided that i needed to give it a break and laid aside my quilting hand-work.  my hands protested, so i decided to try some machine-work instead.  my shoulder didn’t protest and all was well.  the only thing is, instead of grabbing a project that was “in progress”… (goodness knows i have plenty of them), i started something new. *sigh*

baskets by you.

after hearing  about the loss of a wonderful quilting friend that i’ve known for years,  i had to do something while working through the sad news.  knowing how much mar loved her reproduction fabrics, i fingered through my own stash of them while thinking of her.  it didn’t take long for the baskets to appear.  i was so thrilled for her when p & b asked if they could use her design and distribute little kits with a copy of her pattern. 

a couple of days ago, i sat down and tried some hand-work again (i miss it!).  the shoulder still protested, but  not as loudly.  let’s hope that it gets over this little hissy fit…and soon.


7 thoughts on “down, but not out

  1. Oh they are so lovely, I have a basket quilt in my future someday!

    I have a stiff neck at the moment too, can’t turn right to save my soul. Mine isn’t from sleeping wrong though, but too much hand work. Sometimes if those muscles get so tired and irritated, they don’t relax when we sleep…instead just getting tighter and tighter. I always find a good microwave heat pack helps a lot. I put that on my neck and shoulder and then sewing is easier.

    Hope yours relaxes soon!

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