be true to yourself

baskets by you.

in my previous post, i shared how these baskets got started.  as with many of my quilts, the stories behind the making of them multiply.  this quilt is no different.

baskets by you.

many years ago, i remember a fable that i read to a group of children to illustrate a point (i think it was a sunday school class that i had been teaching).  i love fables and folk tales;  so original and thought-provoking.    anyways, the story goes that there was a young girl who had just turned “of age” (18).  it was the custom in her country for the young girls to make a quilt for their future beau.  it just so happened that this gal had a particular young man in mind who she was looking to impress with her needlework skills.  he was from a wealthy family and was used to the finest of furnishings, so the young girl was a bit nervous about the quilt she would be giving him.  secretly, she had given quite a bit of thought to giving him one of her mother’s finest quilts and pass it off as a work from her own hands; however, she knew that it was the wrong thing to do.  looking for encouragement and guidance, she asked her mother to help her.

required porch view by you.

her mother helped her to select the finest fabrics they could afford, but she told her daughter that the making of the quilt had to be done solely by her.  the daughter quickly got started on cutting the fabric for she knew how long a handmade quilt would take. 

many hours were spent sitting by the fire with her mother and hand-piecing her blocks together.  several weeks later, the young lady had herself a quilt that she was proud of.  but the day before she was to give it to her beau, an ill-tempered girl in the village made fun of her quilt.  she criticized everything about it.  distraught, the young girl ran home, sobbing.  when she shared what had happened with her mother, the young girl was shocked to find a smile slowly forming on her mother’s face.  after drying her tears and sitting her down, her mother reminded the young girl how proud she was of her quilt before….so, what had changed?  could the opinion of one mean-spirited person change all of that? 

morning sun by you.

the moral of the story was how important it is to be true to yourself.  we all have differing values and opinions in this world.  deep down, we know what is right and what is wrong.  when others sway us from those values that we hold so dear, it  is no one’s fault but our own.  wrong is wrong, no matter how you fancy it up. 

so, for the past week, i’ve been pondering this all while working on this quilt.  strange how this mind of mine works, isn’t it?  maybe it has something to do with my oldest daughter’s 18th birthday approaching?  as a parent, you do all that you can to instill the right and wrong; however, eventually you have to take a step back and pray that they hold tight to those values and be true to themselves when faced with opposing views.

and that’s your lesson for the day. 😉

thankfully, the shoulder is back to normal.  now that i have this impromptu quilt top together, i can get back to hand-quilting my other quilt-in-progress.  this basket quilt will get folded up and added to the ever growing ‘to be quilted’ pile.

tired corgi by you.

but it helps to know that it got this corgi’s highest rating of approval. 🙂


10 thoughts on “be true to yourself

  1. What is it with animals loving handmade/homemade items?? My dog loved my little dolly quilt that I made, and I’ve seen that happen all over blogdom.

    I wonder if the item, since it is well loved and held much smells so much like us that our little loved pets smell us on those crafty items and loved them because they remind them of us?

    Funny little things. 🙂

    Melody (AKA “Merrie Melody”, though I can’t sign in with my google login here. 🙂

  2. beautiful baskets….beautiful quilt.
    this one will be fun to hand quilt and watch each basket come alive. Oh Tracey you have done it again!
    LOVe your fabric choices too.
    which turkey red is that I was trying to see the print and I can’t. At first I thought you used a solid red.

  3. Oh you are making that basket quilt in my future scream to come out a little sooner! It’s just lovely! Beyond lovely even,…spectacular!

  4. Wonderful story and a stunning quilt, I love the red.
    Oh and I love the dog photo too, we had corgis when we were growing up and so did my DH

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