*sniff*, *cough*, *whine*

i’m sick. 

 i never get sick.  well, at least the little stuff, like colds and/or the flu, doesn’t seem to catch-up with me. 

it has now.

i suspected that something was going on when i almost passed out while walking into church on sunday.  what a grand entrance.  my head feels like it’s going to splatter at any moment, my ears are plugged and my eyes burn.  i feel like i’m living on a tilt-a-whirl and, thanks to the plugged ears, i feel like tilt-a-hurling come mid-afternoon.  i’m a staggering, mucous mess.

but, i forge ahead.  what a trooper. 😉

so, due to this unexpected turn of events, i’ve decided to forgo my previous plans for the week and just sit quietly in a corner, whine a little, and then, of course, dye.

last summer, when i finally resigned myself to the fact that i had to make  another jane stickle quilt, i spent quite a bit of time pondering what background fabric i would use.  i wanted something that just looked old from the get-go.  old is good….at least when it comes to quilts. i wanted something that, when someone looked at it, they saw a quilt that was made 150+ years ago; definitely used, but not abused.  i knew that a solid colored background couldn’t pull that off.  so, i pulled out my dye powders and played.  it took a few attempts to get the look i had in mind.  since i had only done a few small pieces of fabric, i knew that i’d have to try and repeat the same effect at some point.  why not give it a try when you’re feeling like a crummy mess, i ask you? 


ready for some magic by you.

i grabbed some kona pfd, fresh from its synthrapol bath and got to work.

the magic potion by you.

once i had my goggles, face mask, arm length rubber gloves, professional looking chemistry lab coat in place, and the kitchen sealed off (just as a precaution), i mixed up the magic potion.  looks like day old coffee, doesn’t it? *gag*

after mixing everything all up and distributing it evenly, i let the fabric ‘cook’ (sounds much better than dye, yes?).  after a while, i rinsed and then dumped it all back into the washer.  by this time, i’m starting to feel light-headed from the repeated trips up and down the stairs.

almost there by you.

ah, yes.  now you’re talkin’.  however, we aren’t where we want to be quite yet.  more ‘cooking’ time is needed with another color of dye.  that means more trips up and down the stairs, stirring, sneezing, spinning (me, not the fabric) and waiting.  finally, we got what we we were looking for…

finished by you.

the smaller piece of fabric on the right is what i did last summer; the bottom, bigger piece was from yesterday.  success! 

it was hard earned.  by the time i was done, nothing would stop the spinning in my head and my nose…well, it was  overly active. *ick*

today, i am determined to get more of my little jane blocks cut out and maybe a few pieced leaves thrown into the mix.  for now though, i’m going to take the advice of my husband, and hope that it will be the magic cure.

prescription by you.




7 thoughts on “*sniff*, *cough*, *whine*

  1. You ARE a trooper! “To dye or not to dye….” No question for you, is it, Tracey!

    It looks marvelous! Perfect match to the previous hand dyed! Well done, my friend!

    Now…drink that tea and snuggle up under the covers for a nap. 😉 Hugs to you!

  2. Your fabric came out gorgeous! It will be fun to see those blocks as they come together.
    Such a thoughtful hubby! Hope you are feeling better soon *s*

  3. oh dear feel better. I pray that is not the flu my dh and I had at Christmas. I have some great photos of the real dj quuilt -let me know if you want me to email them 2 u. Love the blocks from the post below.

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