if you clean, it will come

the sooner you spring clean, the sooner spring will come.  that’s my theory, anyways; however, please don’t put a whole lot of stock in it.  the weather rarely cooperates.  regardless, i’m doing it, and i’ve learned something new this year about spring cleaning:  it’s good for stash reduction.  what?  you didn’t know that? 

while trying to make some sort of sense of my sewing room, i came across my “someday” file.  it’s a folder crammed full with pictures of antique quilts that i’d like to make someday.  i weeded out some of them, but others have hung around for years…patiently waiting their turn.  while leafing through it, i paused at a specific one and admired the beauty.  just as i was slipping it back into place, the thought occurred to me that i have the makings of that quilt hanging around in my stash closet.  not 2 minutes later, i proved myself correct.

stash reduction by you.

i just gave something like 12 yards of fabric a purpose in life.  pretty big of me, eh? 😉  and, instead of segregating it off by itself somewhere with the picture of its antique ancestor attached, i started cutting into it almost immediately.

cuttings by you.

what am i thinking, you ask?  sure, i’ve got about a dozen other irons in the fire right now, but there is a plan to this madness.  see, last fall, when i started taking classes, i quickly found out that, when given short windows of free time, i didn’t feel like cutting out stuff.  i also didn’t want to spend extended time sitting behind my sewing machine.  instead, i wanted something that i could work on while sitting on the porch with the rest of the family.  a hand-piecing project would have fit that bill nicely.  so, these past couple of months that i’ve been in between classes, i decided that i wanted to get a few hand-piecing projects prepped.  i had several ready before this quilt resurfaced…what will another one hurt?  besides…the fabric was just laying around there, begging to be used already.  i’ll thank myself for this on down the road.

another thing-spring cleaning makes you hungry for pie.  yep, that’s right.  while i was busy ripping apart spring cleaning the kitchen today, i finally gave in and made the pumpkin pie i’ve been so hungry for the past week.

to bake by you.

it baked up nicely in my sparkly clean oven. 🙂

thank you for the get better wishes last week.  i’m just a little sniffly yet, but the world has stopped spinning, so i’m a happy camper once again.


3 thoughts on “if you clean, it will come

  1. I’m right there with you . . . . I have more on my plate than I can possibly finish anytime soon. So I’ve decided to take on another long-term hand piecing project. I had no choice – I NEED that quilt *s*
    The pie looks delicious.

  2. pie looks yummy, I will bring the coffee!
    oh can’t wait to see what your making with these fabrics, looks wonderful of course, my colors!

    would love to see your inspiration file

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