wrapping it up

morning sun by you. 

the spring cleaning is completed, oldest daughter applied,  accepted and registered into college, homeschooling paperwork for my youngest daughter done and printed out, car picked out and bought for oldest daughter, and several quilt projects done and/or prepped.

*whew*  i’m tired.

on sunday, we’ll celebrate my oldest daughter’s 18th birthday.  me…a mother to an 18 year old?  just seems so unreal.  couple that with the fact that i’ll be starting nursing school classes the very next day?  that there is enough to put any tough old bird into shock.  i’m handling it well though, i think.  time marches on.

for now, i’m going to get an early jump on enjoying the weekend.  i’ll gather my quilt onto my lap with needle in hand, and do some reflecting.  thankful just doesn’t seem to cover it.

happy stitching! 🙂


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