calming the nerves

calming the nerves by you.

my oldest daughter asked me last night if i was nervous about starting nursing school today.  a simple “no” was my reply.  that has changed.

so, to calm my stomach, i’m doing some hand stitching…cuz, you know, hand-work is known to chase away those blasted butterflies.

at least, i hope it does.

*deep breath*


10 thoughts on “calming the nerves

  1. I’m sure you will do fine in your classes. I just had to give The Princess a little pep talk this afternoon . . . . she tends to forget she’s smart *s*
    Love the piecing you did – a wonderful way to calm nerves.

  2. You’re going to breeze through your classes. I know it!
    Love the piecing! Know how quickly you work — you’re going to have another “Jane” finished before the semester is over. 😉

  3. good luck and ENJOY your classes you have wanted this for so long.
    with needle and fabric in hand you will get thru the stressful times!
    can’t wait to see more…

  4. that’s what I always do too, and it calming for sure

    but I think you will be doing fine in nursing school, sometimes heavy stuff, but so interesting
    (I know what I’m talking about as I am a nurse)

  5. It’s the nervous butterflies in your stomach that are acting as reminders for you. They’re reminding you that “this is exciting…and new…and full of possibilities…and you’ve dreamed about this for a long long time…and it’s going to be worth every note, every research paper, ever butterfly ever to upset your stomach.”

    Blessings to you, sweet friend! Those butterflies? They mean “hope.”

  6. I am with students this week–some in their first classes with patients, some in nearly their final classes, and, a group of nurses returning after 8-28 years away from patient care.
    Good luck at school!

  7. Good luck with your studies. Been there done that! The hardest part for me was balancing quilting with studies. Guilt would set in when I quilted, as if I felt I should be studying all the time. I am soon to be graduating with my MA. Enjoy the process, it’s all so worth it! Cheers!

  8. *Raises hand* Does it count that I put the batteries back after I used them? 😛

    Heh-heh. Just be glad I didn’t take a picture of the socks I had on yesterday 😉

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