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unless you’ve been living under a rock the past year or so, you are aware that we are in what economist call  a “recession”.  at my age, i can say that i’ve been through a few, and one thing always strikes me as…well, interesting, during a “recession”;   people are so darn down!  now, to an extent, i can understand.  people are losing their jobs, homes, etc.  there is a feeling of upheaval in their lives.  all of these things make us feel down, out-of-sorts or just plain depressed.  i can understand, honestly…and i’m not looking to make light of anyone’s hardships.  times are tough.

i’m going to suggest something that probably won’t go over too well with many…but i’ll say it anyways:  we can change things by changing our outlook.  we all have a choice and many of us are choosing to be depressed and stressed.  now, before you go firing off a nasty gram to me 😉 , let me ask you something:  is all of that depression and stressing over the situation at hand changing anything?  is it making your life and/or situation any better?  your depression ain’t payin’ the bills nor is it helping the situation.

another thing that i’ve observed during “recessions” are the constant bombardment of negative news.  i mean, really…watching the nightly news never was refreshing or even uplifting, but c’mon folks!  do you have to keep on beating that dead horse?  enough already! i know that our retirement funds are drying up, that we’re up past our eyeballs in debt as a country and thanks to some really stupid decisions made, our grandchildren are going to be paying the price for it all.  but, honestly…do you need to remind me of it all. the. time. ?

i’ve lived through hard times…really hard times.  the first year my husband i were together, our income for the year did not exceed $5,000.  the following year (1988), you’d swear we were millionaires when we got up to $8,000!  but, we were able to pay all of our bills, had a roof over our head and never went to bed hungry.  life was good.  the memory of those days are still very fresh in my mind and that is exactly how i remember them…as good times. 

i believe that one of the biggest thing that goes missing during tough times is thankfulness.  i know that you’ve heard it said a thousand times in a dozen different ways, but honestly, we need to stop and take stock.  instead of going on about all of the awful, tough, depressing things….what do you have going for you?  don’t tell me nuthin’ either! 😛 

this is something that has been on my mind for quite some time and i’ve been meaning to do something about it, personally.  it wasn’t until today, while i was over at gwen marston’s,  that i decided  today was the day. 


          “and so it is that whether you live in the city or in the country, each has it’s own delights and our job is to pay attention and hone in on the ones that most enrich our lives. often it is the very simplest things that bring the most enduring happiness”


so very well said.  thank you, gwen!

so, with all of that said, i’ve decided to do my own little part in making the world a brighter place.  okay…so maybe i should start small and just aim to make my blog a brighter place! 😉  instead of posting about all of the depressing stuff that is happening in this ole’ world, i’m going to post about at least 5 things that i’m thankful for every thursday.  no..this isn’t me sticking my head in the sand, so to speak.  this is me refusing to give in to the “system” (what a rebel i am, huh?) as well as me making a choice to be thankful.  and i am.  incredibly. 

let’s get on with it, shall we?

today, i am thankful for:

1.  my health as well as the health of my family.  it’s not always perfect, but we’re all still kickin’.

2.  the roof over my head

3. a reliable vehicle for all of us.

4.  two beautiful, loving, and brilliant girls who make me want to be a better person every day.

5.  supper cooking on my stove right this minute. 

the definition of vibrant by you.


3 thoughts on “thankful thursday-1

  1. Good for you, there’s nothing we can do about things we have no control over but we can do something about our attitudes.
    Love thankful thursdays and beautiful flower photos.

  2. Good point. To quote an old title by Eugenia Price…”Happiness Is a Choice.” Loss of control in our lives is quite unsettling. I mean, we are the independent Americans, right? Accustomed to being in charge of our lives, “Doing It Our Way.” But, if we are always in control, our faith doesn’t grow much. God has a plan for each of us…he says it is a plan meant for our good, not to harm us. So trusting him in all of this economic/political mish-mash is a matter of believing him. I just wish the media –including the local media– would stop majoring in the negative.
    And the best things are free…the warm sun on my back, the blue sky, that cherry tree in full bloom with the bees a-buzzin’, the warm look in DH’s eyes, my neighbor’s shout of hello from across the street….

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