visions of sugarloaves

although quilting has taken a back seat to the other endeavors in my life at this time, it surely hasn’t stopped…just slowed down.  i’m okay with that as i realize that school is just a ‘season’ at this point, although i’ve calculated that i’ve done school, in one form or the other, for over 33 years of my life.  you’d think that i would be a genius at this point, huh? 😉

about a week before my easter break, i stumbled across my inspiration file by accident.  i swear, that folder of pictures gets me into more trouble!  i came across a picture that i had found who knows where, but it get the heart racing.  again, fabrics were pulled from my stash that i now refuse to be ashamed of.  i’m using it so it’s money well spent in my book!

sugarloaf by you.

part of the charm of the antique quilt this is based on is the simplicity (all solids…and only 3 colors!) and the amazing amount of quilting that the original maker put into it.  absolutely stunning.

inspiration for sugarloaf by you.

does it not make you drool too?  yeah…me neither. 😉

it didn’t take long for me to get some diamonds cut out so i could start hand-piecing them together.  in no time, i had 6 put together (enough for the first row).  i’m only shooting for a twin size finished quilt to satisfy my need.  and, if you notice, the pieced border is just lopped off.  what’s not to love?

sugarloaf by you.

i’m still working on it as i have time and am getting close to having enough for two rows.  i even was able to squeeze in some pieced leaves on my break as well (haven’t forgotten about susan).

progress, however slow, is much appreciated.  and that inspiration file?  i’m going to hide it from myself for awhile.


6 thoughts on “visions of sugarloaves

  1. It looks like a fun one to hand quilt. Glad you are not apologizing for your stash. I put up a photo of mine on my blog. I am hoping to get moving with my Susan this weekend. I have a large quilt top almost complete that has taken over my design wall.

  2. I found you because of the most wonderful back basting tutorial…you are wonderful! You’re my hero, I can finally applique without fear! But, the real reason I am writing is because I have “watched” you do school and I wanted you to know that as an RN I am am praying for you. You will for real make it. I know this because you have already figured out WHO is the most important person to nurture during school. I started nursing school 14 years ago and against all odds I appear to have made it.( A very long boring story. ) When I was @ 4 months from graduation I went a little crazy and marched into the dean of nursings office and told her I was nuts. You see I was working full time nites, from 2300 to 0730 and serving in the US Navy on the monthly weekend, married, kids in high school (3) and constantly cried. She asked what I did for fun and I told her I didn’t do “fun”. She said I had to nurture my soul…24 hours a week every week for the rest of my life. I did it and aced the classes that quarter. I found a very smart lady who taught me to nurture my soul. No homework, no housework, no cooking, no outside job…just 24 hours a week for me. If you ever need a virtual hug or words of encouragement, contact me. I can call long distance for free…lol. Seriously, I slept in my Blazer for 12 years doing my pre-recs then on to nursing school, missed tons of school activities and even a few family funerals just to become a nurse. Do not ask me if I am glad I did it, you already know that answer. Just work on putting your best self forward everyday. Oh, almost forgot, I love the sugarloaf pattern more then any other one out there. Smile, hugs, Elaine RN…I work in the ER when I work!

  3. I knew I had seen this beautiful quilt before! It is a featured project in the Spring 2004 issue of McCall’s Vintage Quilts magazine. The owner purchased it at a thrift store in 1983 for $3.83. All of the red pieces had worn away, so she began replacing all of them, and finished the restoration in 1991. Finished size is 70.5 x 79 inches. I love this quilt! Have fun with it.

  4. Another lovely in the making! We wouldn’t be able to call ourselves ‘quilters’ if we were able to resist those inspiration urges to begin something new. Plenty of irons in the fire is what keeps us motivated *s*

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