a new ride

being the third of four kids growing up, i was destined to be the lucky recipient of all the hand-me-downs.  now, there’s nothing wrong with ’em, it’s just that it got old after awhile.  it left little room for expressing ones individuality, but that’s life.  no worries…it didn’t scar me nor leave me in need of extensive therapy. 😉

my main activity during all of my childhood years was riding horses.  bike riding just didn’t come into play too much, unless i was riding one to mrs. mchenry’s house to mow her yard.  that was done on my uncle’s 10 speed bike that was way too big for me and had the most uncomfortable seat known to man (i think my behind may have a few scars from that…but i’ll spare you the pictures). then there were the few times that i was allowed to spend a few days at my grandma’s in town.  she had an ancient beast of a bike that i’m sure could make me a millionaire if i had it today.  it weighed at least 300 pounds, i swear.  try lugging something like this around at the ripe old age of 8. 

it wasn’t until a few years ago that i thought about getting myself a bike, but at the time, my youngest daughter was just getting a grip on walking so bike riding was obviously out of the question.  now that she is buzzing around expertly on her own two wheels, i’ve been giving it a lot more thought.  the thing was, i had an idea in my head on what i wanted in a bike, but was so sure  there wasn’t a company that put all of those components on two wheels.   after talking to a bike shop owner a bit, i was pleasantly surprised to find that, not only is my ‘dream bike’ available, they’ve given them their own class:  comfort bikes.  what an amazing concept, huh?  after doing some more research, i loaded the girls up and we headed into the bike shop just so i could see for myself.

first, a bike had to have a comfortable seat.  i refuse to ride a bike with one of those narrow, hard seats on it.  i’ve convinced myself that it has nothing to do with age either…i hated them when i was 12 too! 

comfy seat by you.

looks very comfy, yes?  and stylish to boot! 

next, i didn’t want those skinny tires that came on the old ten speeds that darn near killed me when i rode on dirt roads.  when you live in an area where the dirt/gravel roads greatly outnumber the paved ones, those skinny tires aren’t an option.  however, i didn’t one the big, knobby mountain bike tires either.  i have no desire to go through the woods or on rough terrain on a bike.  i’d rather hike it on foot instead.  was anyone listening to me?

tires by you.

wow.  i guess they were.  that’s a nice change. 🙂

next on my ‘dream list’ was a bike that looked like the vintage ones.  i love those bikes but wanted something that was (obviously) lighter and with gears.  now, go ahead and call me a wimp, but i’m not looking to get another strenuous workout while i’m riding a bike.  i love to run and my treadmill and i bond 5 times a week to sweat together.   try riding a bike without gears in appalachia; you’ll learn all about sweat then.   also, i wanted straight handlebars, not the curved ones.  climbing a hill with those curved ones is rather awkward (how did we do that growing up?).  i also wanted to be in a more upright position to avoid any extra strain on my back.  it, and my rheumatologist thank me for this request, i’m sure.

this was my list of demands.  a tough list to fill?  apparently not in today’s world because i had several different bikes to test ride that fit all of those requirements.  but only one came home with me.

new ride by you.

my first new bike. 😀

cool design by you.

trek navigator by you.

cool paint job by you.

is that not the coolest paint job?  more importantly, the bike fits me so good!  i feel totally comfortable when riding this bike.  not all slouched over or having my butt hurting.  and i’m the first owner. 8)

i’m already thinking of some must have accessories, some of which that have produced eye-rolls (no names mentioned!).  some matching fenders and definitely a basket.

must haves by you.

oh, definitely.  and, i’m pretty sure that i have the perfect hat to go with it all.


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