24 hours

i miss my camera.  i miss documenting my life with it.  so, in an attempt to solve this dilemma, i’ve decided to carry it with me to catch those seemingly meaningless moments that make up a memory.  honestly, 24 hours is such a short time if you think about it, but they all come together to write your history. 

here’s the last 24 hours of my life, starting at 4:00 p.m yesterday….

supper by you.

preparing supper while reviewing notes for a test.  listened to hailey complain that she didn’t really like what i was making.  i reminded her that she said the same thing last time i made it, and later, she thanked me for it.  kids.

jack sack by you.

got myself changed and loaded up my bag for school.

going by you.

driving to school…in the rain.  it’s better than snow.

took another test in school, had a 2.5 hour lecture, and then drove home.  was met at the door by a wiggling corgi.  then i listened to hailey tell me all about her skating that evening.  she was wound tight, but fell asleep quickly. 

this morning, woke up, did a quick run on my treadmill (3.5 miles) and sweat for awhile after.

breakfast by you.

sat down with my breakfast while listening to brittany being nervous.  i sweat some more.  then i hit the shower.  did a bit of picking up, and read my bible.

going...again by you.

shortly after 9:00, i was on the road again, this time with the girls. 

btn by you.

stopped off at the health food store for a few things, picked up a gift card for a friend, and then drove to the college.

waiting by you.

waited for brittany while she finalized her schedule of classes for this fall.

picked up some milk and a couple of small notebooks, and then headed towards home.

roman by you.

decided to stop off at roman’s first to see if my armoire was finished yet.

roman by you.

seems that roman was off to a wedding today, so i’ll have to wait a bit longer.  i must emphasize the amount of restraint it took for me to not load up everything that was in his workshop and leave him a blank check.

arrived home around noon, got our lunch and cleaned up a bit more.

 studying by you.

then, it was on to studying.  i start clinicals next week, but every monday i’ll still be in the classroom.  of course, that means a test.

 supper by you.

after a few hours of studying, i got supper together…  grilled chicken salad.  i ate too much. 


there ya go…a day in my life.  pretty darn exciting, eh?  later, i plan on gathering up my needle and thread and sit on the porch with my girls. 

life is good. 8)


3 thoughts on “24 hours

  1. So lovely, I’ve always loved your camera shots! SO how do you make you grilled chicken salad? Looks like lettuce, tom, cheese, cabbage, cucumbers, carrots and diced chicken?I love the one from Sonic and tried to make it at home but it wasn’t the same. I didn’t like how my chicken came out…too soft.

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