miles to go

many of you have written, asking if i’ve had a chance to try out my new bike.  as a matter-of-fact, i have put quite a few miles on it already.  the last time we went trail riding (about 2 weeks ago), i took along my camera so i could capture the beauty we get to enjoy.

several years ago, the abandoned railways were donated to different counties. just like so many different parts of appalachia, this area was once booming with numerous coal towns.  once the supplies were exhausted, those big companies picked up and left, leaving the residents to figure out how to go about making a living.  many of those old coal towns are now nothing but ghost towns, and the railroads just accumulated rust.  somewhere along the line, the counties got a wonderful idea and made these old railways into bike trails.  the scenery is amazing and it is so peaceful while you pedal along through the wilderness.  i think i’ve found 4 different places that i’d love to have a house built…out in the middle of nowhere, of course.  here is just a small sampling of the views we experienced during our 12 mile trip.

furnace by you.

river by you.

rock wall by you.

house by you.

coal miner memorial by you.

coal miner memorial wall

down the trail by you.

river by you.

we have many more trails to hit yet, hopefully as early as this weekend.  my bike is as comfortable as i had hoped, and obviously much more so than the rest of my crew…i’m the only one that isn’t complaining about my behind at the end of the day. 😀


3 thoughts on “miles to go

  1. Love to see pictures of your bike ride 🙂 You live in such a beautiful country.

    and.. Do you think I’m going to run the marathon of NY a several times (LOL) no way, so you have to join me.

    I run three times a week almost 5 miles and I bike (fast sports once a week) …. don’t forget what I bike everyday, to my work to get my groceries etc.etc.


    ps.. I lost your email address

  2. *Gah* You got a picture of the back of my head…darn you 😉

    “you wouldn’t know who altered your mom’s photo id that was laying on that dresser, would you?”

    No, but I do know that it’s all Hailey’s fault 😛 We were kind of hoping you wouldn’t notice and you would go in to school tonight and people would think you stole Trevor from Thousand Foot Krutch’s nursing ID…. 😉

    *Spots “guitargirl” on your blogroll* EEKK!! I’m on your blogroll! 😀 I’m so glad that you’re not ashamed of me 😉

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