verbs…all of them tiring

the second block for my cold mountain quilt (no official name as of yet) is one that many can certainly relate to.  ada was raised to be a ‘proper’ woman of the 1860’s.  her time was spent playing piano, writing poems and reading fine literature…until her father died and left her with a large farm to try and run.  things didn’t go well for her for several months, until ruby shows up at her doorstep, cuts a deal with her and puts her to work.

“to ada, ruby’s monolgues seemed composed mainly of verbs, all of them tiring.  plow, plant, hoe, cut, can, feed, kill.  when ada remarked that at least they could rest when winter came, ruby said, ‘oh, when winter comes we’ll mend fence and piece quilts and fix what’s broken around here, which is a lot.’  simply living had never struck ada as such tiresome business.”


3 thoughts on “verbs…all of them tiring

  1. What a beautiful, thoughtful path you are on with these blocks, this quilt. And as you journey on, you’ll have the moments all together in your quilt and on your blog, telling the story.
    Your path is capturing the heart and spirit of what I love about quilts, connecting threads with the past, touching history. I’ve read the book and I agree with many of the things you said in the post Go Home. Touching, historic, sweeping, poignant.

    I went to WordPress and created an account so I could come out and comment. Thank you for a refreshing read.
    ~ Leslie
    aka Pieceful-Moments

  2. Wow, you make me want to both go to the library and get Cold Mountain and get my fabric and make blocks along with you. I enjoy your thoughtful blog. I’ll be watching as you make progress on your quilt. How big are your blocks? Glad I am able to follow along with you. Beautiful!

  3. I love this quilt and reading of the book that you are doing. I think Cold Mountain is a fine name. The quilt will eventually make that cold mountain warm again. And…this makes me want to go read the book. I loved the movie, but I often don’t like mixing movies and books. One is sure to disappoint and it’s often which ever I came across second. I can well imagine the verbs Ada talks about. I grew up on a farm and there was rarely a moment to just relax and play.

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