progress…however slow

sugar loaf by you.

contrary to the last several posts here, my quilting focus hasn’t been solely on the cold mountain quilt.  i’m still chipping away at my sugar loaf quilt.  alternating between the two very different quilts has been fun and relaxing to me, but then hand piecing and hand quilting always does that for me.

there will be a total of 7 rows to this quilt, and i have 3 sewn together thus far.  i still need to make the triangles for 2 more rows, but the remaining 2 rows are all done and waiting.  i have decided to do the borders by machine though.  i’m so anxious to get hand-quilting on this quilt so i feel that this is the best decision.  besides, i can’t really lug around a quilt top with borders pinned to it;  just kinda blows the whole ‘portable’ thing. 😉

sugar loaf-3 rows by you.

i’m really happy with how this quilt is coming together.  as so many have said before, solids are timeless, but yet, this quilt still has a old feeling to me.  the heavy quilting i’m planning for it will just add to that feeling i believe.  i love it when a plan quilt comes together!


6 thoughts on “progress…however slow

  1. It’s wonderful. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the quilting. It’s going to be a timeless stunner for sure.

  2. Oh it’s just so beautiful! I hope to someday try a hand pieced project (not EPP) You and your lovely quilts are such an inspiration.

  3. glad to see you are still blogging. I just came back from a little break. Glad I had time to stop by. Your quilt top is coming together nicely. I would want to hand quilt that one also. The ideas are spinning in my head!

  4. beautiful quilt I am still wanting to make a quilt using just solids
    this has inspired me to think about it again
    Love your new header too!

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