a wart and a wen


i have always found it interesting how the english language has changed over time.  really, do you hear anyone saying ‘thou’ or ‘thee’  anymore?  have ya been called a ‘wen’ lately?  yeah…me neither.  still, there are times when i miss the old expressions and would definitely prefer them over the lame slang that is so popular today.  there just seemed to be so much more thought and feeling put into expressing oneself in years gone by.  the thought part is definitely gone today.  sad, isn’t it?

for the fourth cold mountain quilt block, i chose ‘cross upon cross’ as the pattern.  back 150 years ago, going to church was the norm, and not just for the social aspect of it.  folks went because they knew there was a God and they longed to make themselves better through His guidance. 

“what inman remembered was this passage, which monroe had repeated four times at dramatic intervals throughout the sermon:  ‘that which shows God in me, fortifies me.  that which shows God out of me, makes me a wart and a wen.  there is no longer a necessary reason for my being.  already the long shadows of untimely oblivion creep over me, and i shall decrease forever.’  inman thought that had been the best sermon he had ever heard, and monroe had delivered it on the day inman first saw ada.”


2 thoughts on “a wart and a wen

  1. I am really enjoying reading Cold Mountain. It’s taking me a while as I just have bits of time. I really love the quilt you are making. The colors and piecing are perfect!

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