vacation and realization

a breather by you.

early last thursday morning,  my oldest daughter and i loaded up and headed east.  we had missed the lancaster quilt show (first time in 7 years) since it fell on a weekend that i had school, so this was our first quilt venture out this year.  we have never been to the hershey show, and we weren’t disappointed.  although it is smaller than the other two shows we regularly attended, it is a very nice one with some beautiful quilts displayed.  and, although i took a ton of pictures (don’t i always), i noticed that there are restrictions placed on sharing the photos in the program booklet.  sorry folks. 😦

still, it was good to get away, even though it was way too short.  we packed in as much fun and shopping with friends that was legal.  i so needed that and i’m very grateful.

surprisingly enough, i came home with only a tiny fraction of what i have in years past.  it was nothing for me to walk through the door with 100 yards of fabric in tow.  multiply that times 7, and you got yourself a pretty hefty stash!  this hefty stash and all the toys that i’ve accumulated over the years has been staring me down, hard, for the past year or so.  it’s rather uncomfortable i must say.  so, other than quite a few backings and a few yards of some pfd, these were my impulse purchases:

impulse buys by you.

the first two (red and the cheddar eyeballs) are 2 yard cuts that will be used in a quilt that has been brewing in this brain of mine for awhile.  the tan floral print on the end was bought after seeing a gorgeous antique quilt at the show that i want to replicate.  finally, the fat quarter bundle of the solids will be used to finish up a quilt in progress.  quite the shift from my 100 yard purchases, wouldn’t you say?

when i started back to school last fall, it quickly became obvious that this art that i dearly love and enjoy was going to come to a screeching crawl.  it was then that i started to face facts…facts that i really didn’t care to deal with.  mulling them over and turning them upside down and inside out didn’t reveal anything different either.  finally, last week, i accepted the facts for what they were, and started into paring down and weeding out.  ouch.

first on my list was the old fabrics that i had in huge totes that i hadn’t touched in many, many years.  these fabrics  were accumulated way before i started attending quilt shows and was exposed to the wonderful and gorgeous fabrics that the lancaster area shops sell for fabulous prices (darn them!).  they all promptly got dumped into numerous garbage bags.  i then used those totes to store some of the fabrics that i had bought a few years ago…before i totally got sucked into the wonderful world of reproductions.  then, the really hard part began….

i dug through my closet and pulled out my husqvarna lily that hasn’t been used in a couple years, and then it was for my sister-in-law.  i haven’t used in in well over 6 years, even though i keep up with the yearly maintenance.  it really is senseless to have 4 sewing machines, especially when you have only used one of them only one time in the past 6 months, don’t ya think?  so, i had to decide which one was going.  since the treadle was my husband’s great-grandmothers, that was out.  the featherweight?  nope.  the designer 1?  love it too much.  that left the lily.  she picked the short straw, the poor thing. 

my voyager set-up has been sitting idle for quite some time.  before i made the decision to go back to school, i made a lot of comfort quilts on this girl and i truly enjoyed every last minute of it.  that all came to a screeching hault last august.  faced with at least another 4 or 5 years of school to get that bsn, i realized that it truly would be a waste to keep her around.  i’m grasping for time to even hand-sew patches together at this point (construction delays are *wonderful* opportunities for that.  just sayin… 😉  ).  so, i swallowed hard and put the word out that she’s looking for a new home.  oh, it was hard. 

i’m okay with the decisions.  i don’t like them, but i’m okay with them.  i still have a whole lot of weeding out to do, but i think (i hope!) the hard part is over.  i know that i’ve made the right choice.  i’m not the type of person that likes stuff sitting around that isn’t being used.  it was just harder to let go of these things than some old toaster or blouse that i haven’t worn in ages, you know? 

so, i continue to chip away at pitching, weeding and rearranging…all with hopes that i’ll get things whittled down to a reasonable amount and won’t feel so guilty and weighed down by it all.  and, by me doing this, my quilty friends will be getting new toys to make ME gifts with!  a win/win situation!  🙂


3 thoughts on “vacation and realization

  1. I think I understand what you are feeling.When I saw a fabulous quilter share her room and her stash and I realized it was about 1/6th the size of mine and she produces 3 times the quilts I do!

    I got out a new pattern the other day and found myself starting to write an email to my favorite plaid fabric store for a load of plaids and realized…WAIT you have an entire bookcase of plaids just sitting! Oh wait you can’t use those, you might need them, you have to get new ones for just this quilt. Um no, you don’t. I catch myself not using my CW repro’s because I’m afraid to use up the last bit…like no more will ever be made.

    It’s hard to do and I’m just trying to use up what I have around here without getting rid of things. It must be doubly hard to say goodbye to things.

  2. I missed the Odyssey quilt show this year. Last year I went and had a wonderful time. As for the stash and items you own staring you down. I agree. That is where I am. To take it a step further I am thinking I need to move. Now that is scary-packing and moving my stash. UGH! I too have made serious purchases in Lancaster and local quilt shows. And for me it was time to stop. I had a real eye opening. God bless. ♠

  3. Lots of jealous quilter’s in blogland. It’s so easy to pull all that fabric from it’s hiding place, but it never seems to get filed back away. Love following your blog!

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