the great clean-out and that four letter word

 organized by you.

after many, many hours of cleaning, folding, pitching, and rearranging, i finally have my space back.  a much more streamlined, less cluttered and more functional space.  it wasn’t fun, but  it was so worth it.

clean closet by you. 

first was the closet.  it was a major disaster.  i couldn’t find anything without digging and rooting.  i usually just gave up because it was too much of an ordeal.  i emptied out the whole thing, removed and relocated any and all fabric that was no a reproduction, and then refolded and stacked according to color.  my top shelf was reserved for quilt tops that were in the process of quilting and yardage of reproductions.  the bottom shelf is for extra batting and quilt tops waiting to be quilted. it feels so wonderful to have it all present, readily available and focused.  still, it is bursting full.

cleared off by you.

next, it was time to unearth my cutting table.  seriously…you couldn’t even see the top of it before.  it was the ‘catch-all’ for things that i dropped off on my way through to do something else.  i can’t work with clutter, and now i don’t have to! 🙂

project basket by you.

pretties by you.

then, i took works-in-progress and put them in the numerous, pretty containers/baskets that i had full of other stuff (that was junk…and promptly got pitched).  no more digging around for pieces and parts to a project when it’s all together in one place.  wonderful!

inspiration by you.

finally,to keep that inspiration flowing, i put up different ‘reminders’ of what i’m shooting for:  a completed quilt!  encouragement is always welcome here.

it took much longer than i had expected, but the results just brought a huge smile to my face.  i now want to work in this space again, and i’m looking forward to snatching little bits of time to create.

it also was good for me to get a complete picture of what i have:  a lot.  honestly, i was even more shocked.  so, with that realization, there is no doubt that this here girl is going around saying that 4 letter word:  D-I-E-T.  seriously.  i love what i have and i want to put it to use instead of burying it beneath more stuff.  there are some great quilts just begging to be made from all of that fabric.  i have enough to last me for a really long time.  the only thing that is allowed to cross over into that closet is the 3 b’s:  batting, backing, and backgrounds.  and, by the looks of what i have of those, it won’t be needed anytime soon!  now, it’s time to get down to business as time allows.


3 thoughts on “the great clean-out and that four letter word

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to work in a nice clean organized space?
    I find I get so much more done and am more inspired too.
    OH MY you finished your Susan McCord Vine quilt
    I a so impressed
    is it all quilted too?

  2. Well I picked the word fast. I have many projects I want to work on and the fabric alreadly. I am hoping to get started on my Susan McCord quilt. I have all of the fabric washed. I am motivated by your post to clean up my sewing room. Somehow it is really messy and I can not locate things. I am in a fabric buying fast. I want to use up what I have. I am looking forward to the fall and I was given a $150.00 LQS gift certificate for my birthday. Just in case!

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