in the kitchen with the grandmas

peach by you.

this morning, i felt the need to spend time with some wise women that have been such a huge influence in my life.  since none of these women are the type to let grass grow under their feet, we gathered supplies and got to work.

peaches by you.

as i peeled the sweet fruits of summer, we went on about simpler times…when people held tightly to values and when paths weren’t so muddled.  right was right and wrong was wrong;  priorities were put in their proper place and kept there.  when someone gave you their word, you knew that the job was as good as done. 

grandma's bowl and pastry blender by you.

i sighed heavily, and then they reminded me gently that things only change when you allow them to.  as we rolled out the pie crusts together, they reminded me of who i am and what i’m made of.  i was reminded that the ‘old ways’ are still of great value, no matter what society says.

grandma's rolling pin by you.

as i was putting the top ‘lids’ on the pies we created, i felt that sense of well-being and comfort return.  determination and gumption soon followed.

one to give, one to have by you.

even though these 3 women have long ago passed from this world, i still find comfort in their words spoken to me so long ago and am so thankful for their tools that they left in my care-a rolling pin, a pastry blender and a mixing bowl.  reminders of some amazing, hard-working, insightful and intelligent women that i was so blessed to call ‘grandma’.


2 thoughts on “in the kitchen with the grandmas

  1. And after the baking, you can settle in with your favorite cup of hot beverage and reflect on just how wonderful your whole life is to have been touched by the women who came before . . . . and maybe sneak a little piece of pie *s*

  2. You’ve certainly got *a way* of telling a truly heartfelt story. Bless your heart. 😉

    You’ve also got a way of making my tummy growl for a fresh piece of your glorious pie. Shame on you! lol

    Hugs to you, girlfriend!

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