5 things worth smiling about

pickles by you.

1.  30 pints of my most favorite pickles in the world.  now i just have to wait for all of those flavors to blend, which won’t be for a few months yet.   oh, the patience.

new purse by you.

2.  a new purse…something that i rarely buy, but just felt the need to.

all blocks done by you.

3.  all of the blocks needed for my sugarloaf quilt are now all done.  i don’t know how i was able to pull it off, but i did.  onto putting them into rows.

a new month by you.

4.  a new month.  august was…not the best.  at all.  between technology and/or customer service (or lack thereof), i felt like running away from home.  but now, september is here and we can let august be nothing but a bad memory.

can't hear it enough by you.

5.  a pleasant reminder that appeared when i turned my calendar this morning.  i can never hear it enough.  with the way september has started out ( a continuation of august it seems ), it couldn’t have come at a better time.  so, now i am reassured that, when i do indeed run away from home, He will be with me. 🙂

i keep on repeating to myself that “this too shall pass”.  let’s just hope that it’s soon!  until then, i’ll also continue to remind myself of those little things that make me smile amongst the madness.


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