all into 1

close sugar by you.

since starting nursing school back in march, i’ve really struggled to try and find time to get some stitching in.  even though i am loving school, i’ve been laden down with loads of school work.  let me tell ya, nursing school ain’t for sissies. 😉  the need to stitch hasn’t disappeared, it’s just that time is so very limited.

sugar handworks by you.

i started hand-piecing this quilt about 3 weeks into classes last march, knowing that the only way i was going to get some stitching is was in those few, “lost moments” that randomly appear.  i carried my little hand-piecing bag with me almost everywhere.  even if i was only able to sneak in a dozen stitches here and there, it helped that creative side of my brain to calm itself down a bit.  and those dozen or so stitches taken at random all added up over the months to form units, and then blocks and full rows.  finally….finally, we have ourselves a top.

just needs borders by you.

and a wrinkled one at that (*note to self:  gotta schedule in ironing time*).  i’m really happy with how it has turned out.  five rows wide and 7 rows long.  once the borders are done and added, it should measure out to be big enough to fit a double bed (not that we have one of those here…obviously it grew a bit from my original plans!).

at this point, it is folded up and rests upon my sewing chair.  i don’t have enough spare moments that is needed to sew up the borders at this time, so it waits.   hopefully come mid-october, when i have my end-of-level break, i’ll get a chance to break out the machine and have at it.  it’s been a patient quilt. 😉


7 thoughts on “all into 1

  1. beautiful quilt.
    I am sure your time is limited but when you have time you make incredible quilts.
    I look forward to seeing this one quilted. The solid colors will really come alive, love your color choices here…
    just think the long term goal is to be a nurse and once school is done you will be quilting every day again after work to help relieve the stress of the day!

  2. I love looking at this project. In hand piecing, did you switch thread colours or just use one? It’s amazing what you’ve achieved with found moments.

  3. Glad too see you have found some time. I am starting to work on an applique project for that very same reason. So I can sew on the go. I have a feeling my winter will be very productive. Enjoy your fall.

  4. What an accomplishment! The top is beautiful. It marks a special (read hectic) time in your life. It’s a testament to stolen minutes!

  5. Just, wow,wow,wow,Tracy! How I love this quilt top, such perfection!

    I know what you mean about the difficulty of nursing school, been there done that, due to circumstances beyond my control was unable to get my RN. : (

    All the best as you continue your studies.

    : )

  6. What a beauty! Look at what all those little moments add up to – we should all remember this when we think there’s not enough time in the day to do it all *s*

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