lives lived beyond recollection

lives lived beyond recollection by you.

there was a pause during august in the making of my cold mountain blocks so that i could get the sugar top together.  it’s been a nice change to work with them again.

to me, the character that has the most depth in this novel is inman.  not that the other characters aren’t important or enjoyed thoroughly, but a lot of our journey is with inman while he tries to find his way home to cold mountain.   the obstacles he has to overcome and the delays that keep him from continuing;  it’s heart-wrenching at times.  this next block is based on one of those delays…when the home guard find him, take him prisoner and start marching him, along with dozens of other prisoners, in the opposite direction.  back to the war that is slowly killing him.

plowing furrows by you.

” like the vast bulk of people, the captives would pass from the earth without hardly making any mark more lasting than plowing a furrow.  you could bury them and knife their names onto an oak plank and stand it up in the dirt, and not one thing-not their acts of meanness or kindness or cowardice or courage, not their fears or hopes, not the features of their faces-would be remembered even as long as it would take the gouged characters in the plank to weather away.  they walked therefore bent, as if bearing the burden of lives lived beyond recollection.”


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