a stone tree you say?

stone tree by you.

several weeks ago, i had full intentions on working with my sugar loaf quilt and get those borders sewn together and on.  i truly looked forward to it and diligently counted down the days until i could turn on the machine and have at it.  yet, here i am, 3 days into my break, and i haven’t even touched the quilt yet.

all summer year, my brain has been niggling me about something…something that i didn’t want to think about.  i tried hard to shove it back further into the gray matter, but it is persistent.  i knew that if i pulled it out and gave it what it wanted (center stage), i’d end up in a hyperventilating heap on the floor…so that was out.  while weighing my options (or hiding from it…however you want to look at it), a quilt was born.  i was unaware of this surprise delivery until just a few weeks ago, when it just plopped onto my lap out of the blue.

at first, i reprimanded myself for letting my mind wander.  at the time, i had 20 chapters of pharmaceutical drugs (including all of their side-effect and how to administer them) to cram into my head in a week.  i didn’t have time to be thinking about quilts!  it was a persistent little bugger and kept nagging away at me.

stone tree by you.

as you can see, i caved.  the center is already all put together and now i’m working on one of the borders…the stone tree border.  yes, a stone tree. 

i can’t tell you, at this point, what the other borders will look like, or if there will even be any more.  me, the planner extraordinaire, and i haven’t got a clue.  that’s how this quilt has gone from day 1 though.  i pull together the jumbled, niggling thoughts in my head (that are screaming at this point), and sew.  and even though those thoughts have a theme, they are different each day…heck, each minute.

that’s the best way i can explain it right now since i’m still working it out..or rather, working through it.  for now, just know that my stones grow on trees. 😉


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