am i not on vacation?

the events of the past several days are prime examples of why i don’t firmly declare, with full conviction, that i will do nothing but sew/quilt.  life laughs at me with a snort and says, ” in your dreams, girlfriend!” 

things were going well up until friday afternoon, then it just all fell apart from there.  over 14 hours of saturday was spent shopping.  i know, poor me. 😉   several more hours of sunday were spent doing the same, but  the good news is, almost all of my christmas shopping is done.  oh my goodness gracious, that feels wonderful.  the little bit that is left to do can be done while i’m in my jammies here at home. 

honestly, it was something that was planned beforehand.  i really dislike trying to shop with crowds of people, so i usually gather everyone’s wish-lists in october and head out to the stores.  yes, not only am i the planner extraordinaire, i try extremely hard to get those plans taken care of well ahead of time.  my dear husband, on the other hand, is the type that lives life by the seat of his pants…and seems to be quite happy with it at that.  for instance, he is known for doing his christmas shopping on december 24th….something that would make someone like me a frazzled, hysterical mess.  this year, however, he decided to mix it up a bit (there’s that living-by the-seat of his pants thing again!) and did a little bit of christmas shopping on saturday as well.  that little tidbit was enough to make me stop and stare.  imagine my surprise when *i* was the lucky recipient! 8)

santa delivered early this year by you.

just goes to show you that people can change. 😀  i had asked for a gps system for christmas;  he goes and buys me a suv  that has gps installed in it already!  go figure.  don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining…not at all. 😀

so, christmas shopping just about wrapped up and i still have 6 more days off from school.  still plenty of time to take care of those odds and ends that i’ve wanted to wrap up…like working on that bucket list of mine.

working on the bucket list by you.

oh yes i am!  i’ve wanted to go for quite some time, but never got my act together soon enough.  can september 2010 come quick enough?  i think not!

so, now that all of that is taken care of, i’m ready to get into what i really set out to do during my break…quilt!  first though, i had to make this bag that i’ve been itching to make for a little while now.

authentic bag by you.

my sewing machine was very happy to see me again and told me that we really need to do this sort of thing more often.  i couldn’t agree more! 🙂


4 thoughts on “am i not on vacation?

  1. Goodness gracious, Mummy! I have indeed noticed your spiffy new vehicle in the garage (Those scratches…um…it wasn’t me ;)) but you…you’re leaving us?! *weeps*

    Don’t mind me. I’m just jealous because some people are on vacation while others aren’t. *mope* 😉 ~guitargirl

  2. lucky you!
    I usually have the shopping done by Dec 1st for the same reason.
    ah yes a dream of mine too, someday I will get to go as well to Gwens retreat.
    maybe it will be 2010 as the last one is off to college then

  3. I love your bag!
    You’ll love beaver island.
    I like your bucket list – ditto for me on the cabin in the woods for a week – alone 🙂

  4. Oh, my gosh. In the galaxy of stars, my daughters’ hip “Gwynnie” goes by the last name “Paltrow.” But MY “Gwennie” is of the “Marston” variety!! Hearing first-hand about one of her retreats is gonna keep me hangin’ ’round your blog for the next year!! Your thimble surely runneth over.

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