the root of many ills

yet another block inspired by cold mountain’s ruby, a gal after my own heart:

the root of many ills

“there was not one thing in a place like france or new york or charleston that ruby wanted.  and little she even needed that she couldn’t make or grow or find on cold mountain.  she held a deep distrust of travel.  her view was that a world properly put together would yield inhabitants so suited to their lives in their assigned place that they would never need nor wish to travel.  folks would, out of utter contentment, choose to stay home, since the failure to do so was patently the root of many ills, current and historic.”


5 thoughts on “the root of many ills

  1. I find your quilt project based of the book about Cold Mountain to be very interesting. I read the book quite some time ago and have seen the movie.

  2. As always, I love your photos, Tracey! I’m sitting here, content with my morning coffee…reading blogs…catching up with friends like you. My work will wait. Utter contentment. How sweet it is!

    Hugs to you!

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