i’ve been back hitting the books the past couple of weeks, so that whole having time to stitch thing has had to take a back seat…again.  but, i did get a chance to get into the kitchen and bake for no other reason than wanting to;  that’s always a plus!  it was a classmate’s birthday, and i decided to surprise her.  of course, you can’t take 1 cupcake into a room with 36 other students and expect them to be happy about it, so i made some for everyone. 🙂  she was surprised and pleased, which pleased me.  win/win.

i did finish my stone tree border before classes started back up, but upon further observation, decided that it needed something more.  took me two weeks to find the time to get this little bird on, but on it is and i’m calling it done.  after a period of not knowing whether there would be more borders for this quilt, i’m now sure that there will be.  hope to get rolling on them this weekend (hope, hope, hope).

and finally, something that just made my whole month…a post card from gwen.  my spot is reserved for next september!  extremely excited on one hand, but as i look ahead to september 2010, i can’t help but think of all the studying and tests and papers and care plans i have to do before then.  geesh…makes my brain hurt. 😉


One thought on “randomness

  1. That retreat confirmation is going to be like the carrot to get your through all the studies and exams. I can’t wait to hear all about it when you go *s*

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