15 years

today marks 15 years since my grandma died.  it’s hard for me to believe in some ways.  that woman was such a vital part of my life, although i didn’t know it at the time (unfortunately).  it may sound silly to some and rude to others, but the last time i was at her grave was the day she was buried.  i just couldn’t bring myself to do it….until today.  it was hard and there were tears shed, but i’m so glad that i went.

grandma… i miss you.


One thought on “1913-1994

  1. I totally understand why you haven’t gone. My Papa has been dead a little over 17 years and I have never been to his grave since the funeral. I just can’t bring myself to go. He too meant the world to me and I didn’t really realize that until after he was gone. Thank you for sharing your story.

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