flying by

twinkle wreath

has it really been over a month since i popped in here?  hard to believe in some ways, but looking back at all that has transpired during that month, i’m not surprised.  busy, busy, busy.  all i can say is, i’m so glad that i got most of my christmas shopping done last october!

i have 5 more school days until my holiday break…not that i’m counting or anything (ya wanna know how many hours that is? ).  very little quilting has happened in the past month, but i am determined that is going to change real soon.  until then, i have a paper to write and a care plan to pull out of my…, book. 😉  fun times! 

be back soon…


2 thoughts on “flying by

  1. Don’tcha just love having that shopping done? It takes so much of the stressfulness out of the season. Hope that finals will be quick and easy for you . . . . then on to the festivities and the quilting!

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