january wool

zipper pull by you.

since i’ve been in nursing school, i’ve finally figured out that i need to occasionally work on some small projects, just so i feel like i’m getting somewhere with my handwork.  i tend to make large quilts, and those hit-and-miss moments that i get to work on them seem to take forever to add up.  with that in mind, i decided to make myself a larger hand-piecing bag, and why not out of wool?  i’ve never worked with wool and figured it was about time.

granted, it took me over 2 weeks to get it done, but hey, it’s done

in years past, i’ve done my share of hand embroidery and even some cross-stitch, but i always struggled with two stitches:  buttonhole and french knots.  crazy, isn’t it?  two very easy stitches, and i’ve mastered how to screw them up.  regardless, i was determined to “live and learn” and work  my way through it.  the first few circles really aren’t pretty, but i see improvement, so i’m not going to sweat the small stuff. 🙂  slowly, gradually, i made my way through it and was able to put the whole bag together over the weekend.  a finish!!!

owl lining

every time i see the little owls on the lining, it brings a smile to my face.  trying to be the ‘wise old owl’, and i think i’m starting to resemble that blue faced one to the left. 😉

i plan on loading it up with some hand-piecing and it’ll go with me wherever.  those lost moments do add up, although, since about august, i’ve had less and less of them since i’m mostly doing clinical work.  regardless it’ll be available, and goodness knows, i’m always willing!


8 thoughts on “january wool

  1. Cute, cute! I love wool…haven’t done many projects with it yet, but in time…I am proud of you for getting into nursing school. I am behind you all the way girl!…I am adding you as a nurse to my list of nurse/quilters on my blog.

  2. Darling! I’m right there with you on the blanket stitch – my usually competent fingers turn to useless appendages. What’s a girl to do? Whip stitch *S*

  3. I think it’s lovely. When my friends and I just can’t quite get something right, we call it naive and then we’re done with it. Love the lining fabric, so cute.

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