february 1st!

we made it through january, folks!  i will admit, it wasn’t as bad as most, but i’m still glad that it’s behind me.  the days are getting longer and spring time is getting closer.  all of these things (along with some not-so-thrilling-thoughts) were buzzing around in my head earlier this morning.  the conclusion i came to?  make a quilt to document it all. 😉

little churn dash

i’m finding that i’m doing a lot more of that lately, most of the time without even realizing it at first.  i just have a bunch of jumbled up thoughts that float through my head, and it seems like the more significant ones end up in cloth.  in some strange way, it helps me through the process.  i may not end up with a solution, but i feel like i’ve validated and acknowledged the thought.  strange.

little churn dash

so, along with being glad it was february 1st with the sun shining brightly (which made me smile), there were thoughts of love and life and fruit….of the spirit, that is.  what a mixture, huh?  and somehow, out of all of that, a quilt is coming together.  a little one, mind you, but important to me none-the-less.  these 4 little blocks came together quite quickly.  i never had intentions on making the funky ones, but yet, there they are. 

“when we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.”


6 thoughts on “february 1st!

  1. Enjoy your weekend! hope there will be lots of quilting going on while you watch the snow fall 🙂
    I love the blocks even the funky ones
    sometimes we just need to make quits that are fun and not perfect..look at it as your practicing for Gwen’s retreat!!!!

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