patience is indeed a virtue.  this quilt can tell you all about it.  it has been patient oh so long, waiting to grace a bed.  and even though work on it has been pretty steady the past year (minus a few summer months), progress is slow.  so, it waits.  it doesn’t demand, doesn’t shout or stomp feet….just simply waits, patiently.

like the majority of the east coast, we got dumped on this weekend with over 2 feet of snow.  everyone was so relieved that, if it had to happen, at least it was on a weekend.  the only hitch was…i had school this weekend.  friday afternoon, when the snow started, i was feeling a bit nervous.  by the time 6 p.m rolled around, i had resolved the majority of that and decided that it would be yet another good learning experience at battling this giant of mine.  the nursing program i’m in rarely cancels classes/clinicals.  infact, from what i’m told by one professor (who has been there for over 6 years), it has only happened one time, and that was due to a large amount of ice.  at one time, their policy was you miss a day, you’re out of the program.  fortunately i’m not under that agreement, although they have just recently reinstated it (which won’t affect me since it was put back into place after i had already started).  their thought is simple:  you are going to be working in the medical field…which never closes their doors regardless of the weather, so deal with it.  i can understand this and knew this from the beginning.  you do what you have to do.  i was prepared to make my usual 30 minute commute to the clinical site very early saturday morning, planning on it taking me well over an hour to arrive.  imagine my surprise when i got a call about 8 p.m friday night notifying me that clinicals had been cancelled.  *gasp*  i learned something new right then….a snow day is just as exciting at 41 as it was at 14. 😀

so, i woke up saturday with the whole day free ahead of me for the most part.  i still had to study for a rather large test that takes place tonight, so studying was going to have to happen at some point.  i decided to prioritize things first…and promptly turned on my sewing machine and sewed. 🙂  don’t worry, the books were cracked open later that afternoon, but by saturday evening, i gathered up my patient quilt, and continued where i left off.


i’ve been working on getting the borders quilted since january 1st.  again, slow progress, but this weekend, i turned the corner onto my last side.  there is hope and the light is shining bright at the end of that tunnel!  it may just end up on my bed this winter yet.  and what a colorful welcome it will be to these monochromatic days of winter.


13 thoughts on “patience

  1. I LOVE this quilt! I’m so happy for you for getting a “free” day! That ranks at the top of the list! Hope your all is going well with school. So proud of you!


  2. Are you left-handed or stab stitching? I do stabstitching, but haven’t yet met anyone else who does.

    That quilt is the sort of prize you can only win with patience. I bet you will really enjoy sleeping under this. I hope it cheers your winter blues.

    I love your wall colour too. Your photos are beautiful.

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